The FDA’s Mifepristone Malpractice

Can be corrected by the courts…


For all the jab pushers aka true believers. Apologists for the big pharma experimenters- Misguided belief masquerading as righteousness-

I’ve personally treated many women for complications from the abortion pill (mifepristone and misoprostol), including performing a recent emergency surgery on a woman who bled for two months after receiving these drugs.

Sadly, this was no isolated incident. Major international and U.S. studies show that complications occur four times as often with the abortion pill, compared with surgical abortion, affecting as many as one in five women who take these drugs. And yet the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) continues to downplay or ignore readily available data and put women's lives and health at risk.

That’s why the Texas district court’s Good Friday ruling halting FDA approval of the abortion pill—followed by a Fifth Circuit ruling that would restore key safeguards that existed pre-Obama and pre-Biden, if upheld at the Supreme Court this week—is a win for the safety of women and girls across the United States. As demonstrated by a coalition of medical organizations and doctors in Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine (AHM) v. U.S. FDA, the FDA failed to follow its own rules in approving the abortion pill.

The FDA fails to follow it’s own rules more often than we think. Or care to admit!

The evidence that abortion pills are dangerous is overwhelming—and by approving them, the FDA chose a radical political agenda over women’s health.

Peer-reviewed research from the Lozier Institute, based on a longitudinal, records-linkage analysis of nearly a half million abortions over 17 years and cited in AHM v. FDA, found a 53 percent greater risk for an emergency room visit after the use of the abortion pill.

Ignoring reality. The FDA. I’m shocked! NOT!

Shockingly, the FDA fast-tracked the abortion pill using its accelerated drug approval authority, ludicrously designating pregnancy as a “serious or life-threatening illness.”

As many as seven percent of women who use abortion pills early in pregnancy will need follow-up surgery, up to 15 percent will experience hemorrhage, and two percent will have an infection. No big deal, according to abortion advocates. But not to the thousands of women who experience these dangerous complications every year.

The FDA has a long history of inappropriate decisions regarding mifepristone. For one, the agency ignored its own rules by performing no focused studies on girls under 18 before approving mifepristone for use on them. Does the drug impact adolescent development? Affect future fertility? No one knows.

Then, in 2016, mifepristone’s use was expanded from seven to 10 weeks’ gestation, despite limited studies on very few women, documenting far more failures when used by women at a later gestational age. The Fifth Circuit decision moved it back to seven weeks. Incredibly, the FDA decided it no longer cared to hear of any complications unless they actually killed a woman. It eliminated the requirement for doctors and others to report nonfatal serious side effects, then cited the lack of those reports as an indication that the drug was safe. “This ostrich’s-head-in-the-sand approach is deeply troubling,” the Fifth Circuit said.

Next, in 2021, using the COVID-19 pandemic as an excuse, the FDA removed the requirements for in-person distribution of mifepristone and allowed the abortion pill to be ordered online and delivered through the mail. In early 2023, it went further, approving distribution through pharmacies. As a result, many women are now getting abortion pills without ever receiving a physical exam, ultrasound, or having blood work to screen for potential complications. The Fifth Circuit also rolled back these reckless policies.

Women and doctors like me have seen the real-world consequences of the FDA’s policy.

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G’day Penny,
If the synchronized global promotion of unneeded, ineffective and dangerous mRNA covid gene therapy were not proof enough the fast-tracking of mifepristone shows that the FDA and WHO and Health (?) Canada are fully invested in medically assisted de-population. It is the perfect 2 for 1 big pharma profit generator. Thankfully some countries have some semblance of judicial independence remaining to limit the corporate greed of the marketing roll out, at least at the state or province level. But the trend around the world is to eliminate any judicial interference in government actions. Recent events in France and Israel, once considered stalwart examples of democracy, show how easy it is for authoritarian regimes to violate constitutions, disregard the courts and pass laws in opposition to the will of the people. So much for checks and balances…and we preach to other countries about human rights.

I know as I read the article, I’m thinking well there you go jab pushers, claiming it’s safe and effective because some alphabet agency says so!
It’s ridiculous.
Here’s a drug that caused harm and continue to do just that to women and where are all the champions of women? quiet. Dead silent. Stupified. What ever?!

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