U.S. Special Forces Quietly Hunting ISIS?

The headline was a statement. Presenting as a statement of fact. This is not a fact. In fact the “unilateral” helicopter raid leading to the “probable death” of the target hardly appears factual. Rather it come off as speculative.


U.S. troops in Syria carried out a raid on Monday against a senior ISIS leader “responsible for planning terror attacks in the Middle East and Europe,” according to the U.S. military.

The “unilateral” helicopter raid led to the “probable death” of the target, with two other armed individuals killed in the course of the operation on the morning of April 17, the U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) said in a statement.

No U.S. troops were injured, nor any helicopters damaged in the operation, and no civilians were harmed, CENTCOM said.

So speculative, in fact, the death is only believed to have occurred. And since it was one lone helicopter that undertook the raid we simply can’t verify anything.

Task and Purpose

US. military officials believe that a senior leader of the Islamic State group was likely killed during a helicopter raid on Monday in northern Syria, according to Central Command, or CENTCOM.

The raid resulted in the “probable death” of the ISIS leader, described as an operational planner in charge of planning attacks in the Middle East and Europe, a CENTCOM news release says. Two other armed people were killed during the operation.

So far, U.S. military officials have not released the name of the ISIS leader believed killed in Monday’s raid.

One thing we can be sure of from the report? We can’t be sure of any of it!

Probable. Believed. Likely. Too many qualifiers for my comfort!

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Hi Penny,
Well, you’ve found the ultimate ‘puff piece’. ( As in ‘Puff the Magic Dragon’. ) What is a unilateral helicopter ? ( One that can only fly sideways? ) How many weasel words can one include in a few short paragraphs ? Are we to assume they have saved DNA samples for all ISIS ‘leaders’ just to check against body fragments ? I guess this time there were no handy White Helmets around to ‘confirm the kill’ and clean up the evidence. This story just shows the contempt Newsweek holds for the I.Q. level of it’s average readers. ( I see the fantastic tale has been picked up by lots of other regime supported members of the ‘yellow press’. ) Just another brick in the wall.

This newsweek piece is so blatantly pathetic- I just had to point that out!
I couldn’t let it pass. Sadly, this is what passes as serious journalism

I know the whole DNA stuff is so bizarre- because if you weren’t sure this was the “ISIS guy” why would you be carrying out deadly helicopter raids, but, have now worries no civilians were killed.

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