Flashback: US Considers Plan to Store Weapons in Eastern Europe- Gladio in Poland etc

2015 my friends. 2015. And the US was planning to continue arming the Ukrainian neo nazi thugs. The US was arming those that were attacking the residents in eastern Ukraine. 2015 and the US was planning to keep Russian’s border unstable and destabilize them further

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Original URL dated June 2015

First link embedded in the 2015 report goes to the book NATO’s Secret Armies

Required reading. And yah, I’ve read it and still hold onto my physical copy

The Financial Times article can be accessed the same way as my nearly 8 year old post.

I’ve no doubt that the US did indeed pre-place these weapons, particularly in Poland, in 2015.

Poland NATO’s Eastern Flank

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Hey Corrine

I see the book has gotten quite pricey. I read it quite a few years ago. It is a lot to digest for sure , I suspect, can’t prove it, that book just scratches the surface of what has gone on and doesn’t even begin to address what is still going on- Because all those weapons being transferred to Poland etc is exactly a stay behind/gladio operation.

I was up half the night reading the first 4 chapters of “NATO’s Secret Armies “. (Thanks to the handy link that Corrine Allan kindly posted above). The early 1970’s was a busy time for terrorist attacks on civilians many of them “false flag” operations carried out by the secret intelligence agencies of state actors. Amongst many others, the “IRA bombings” in England, the “skyjackings” attributed to the PLO as well as Gladio crimes in Europe.
It left me wondering , not for the first time, about the “FLQ Crisis” here in Canada. At the time the Nixon regime in Washington was very angry with Pierre Trudeau’s actions for not supporting them in the Vietnam war and for Trudeau’s supposed “socialist tendencies” . (Apparently they read too many Globe and Mail editorials ). The CIA were worried Trudeau would nationalize the Canadian oil industry. Is it not possible that the CIA were involved in the recruitment, the financing and the arming of FLQ operatives ? Their goal would have been the destabilization and discrediting of the Liberal government and the furtherance of the Québecois independence agenda. The Americans reasoned that if the unlikely event of separation occurred this would leave Quebec as easy prey to US corporate penetration with full access to Quebec’s cheap hydro electric power . At the very least supporting the FLQ would weaken the emergence of a Canadian national identity and serve to keep Canada in it’s place of subservience to fulfill it’s role as a vassal state to US imperial ambition.
Has paranoia clouded my disgruntled musings?

No paranoia has not disgruntled your musings. I’ve wondered that myself many times about the FLQ. And their activities at that time.
For all the reasons you’ve mentioned

. And it fits the pattern of activities we’ve seen in other nations.

I’d lean towards the Vietnam situation being the bigger issue then Trudeau’s ‘socialist leanings’
And then just keeping Canada off kilter all the time. That has it’s unique destablizing power. Of course we now have Trudeau jr doing that type of stuff all on his own

But long story short. I wouldn’t doubt for a second it was an op targeting Canada!

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