Bakhmut May Be Closed for Safe Entry and/or Exit

The info is coming in from social media accounts, BUT, it’s possible. Very possible

Dima @ Military Summary had discussed this as a real possibility as well

Additionally I’d suspected Bakhmut may be close to encirclement or whatever military term may apply based on what Zelensky had stated the other day.

I certainly read that as an acknowledgment that the loss of Bakhmut was close and it should be understood that this meant bigger Ukrainian cities would become the next target.

This was the first time I’d read Zelensky making statements like this. Everything had been denial as well as patriotic lip flapping

“As for Bakhmut, there is no order for the armed forces to hold the position to the death. There is no such order at all

Was Zelensky trying to absolve himself of responsibility for the dead Ukrainians?

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