Seymour Hersh: US Bombed North Stream

I read it. It’s interesting. It doesn’t seem to shed any new light on the lead party! the biggest and likeliest suspect. It’s from anonymous sources so we can’t fact check, BUT, there was enough information accessible publicly that we all could safely conclude the most likely perp was the US.

His article certainly provides greater detail on how this act of sabotage was likely carried out.

In his report on Nord Stream, Hersh has quoted an anonymous source “with direct knowledge of the operational planning”. He said that deep-sea divers from the US Navy’s Diving and Salvage Centre in Panama City, Florida, the largest diving facility in the world, planted C4 explosives alongside the pipeline, which were later triggered by a sonar buoy dropped by a plane.

Hersh has claimed that on September 26, 2022, a Norwegian Navy P8 surveillance plane made “a seemingly routine flight” and released the sonar buoy. “The signal spread underwater, initially to Nord Stream 2 and then on to Nord Stream 1,” he wrote. “A few hours later, the high-powered C4 explosives were triggered and three of the four pipelines were put out of commission. Within a few minutes, pools of methane gas that remained in the shuttered pipelines could be seen spreading on the water’s surface and the world learned that something irreversible had taken place.”

In February 2022, just weeks before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, while discussing possible sanctions against Moscow, Biden warned: “If Russia invades (. . .) there will no longer be a Nord Stream 2. We will bring an end to it.”

Hersh’s anonymous source says that, because of the president’s threat, destroying the pipeline “no longer could be considered a covert option because the president just announced that we knew how to do it”.

The plan to blow up Nord Stream 1 and 2 was suddenly downgraded from a covert operation requiring that Congress be informed to one that was deemed as a highly classified intelligence operation with US military support,” Hersh has written. According to Hersh’s source, “there was no longer a legal requirement to report the operation to Congress. All they had to do now was just do it”.

Hersh’s report comes after Sergei Lavrov, the Russian foreign minister, alleged last week that the attack had been carried out by Washington in an attempt to ensure its global dominance.

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Hi Penny:
Seymour Hersh never reveals his sources for his stories. If he did, people with the inside information that he bases his articles on would never come to him. In what Hersh is revealing in his articles, it is harder to get and keep a good reputation than it is to lose it. As a result, Hersh must do his fact checking before he publishes an article.
Have you read his article on the Syrian government “sarin” attack and Trump’s response:
Or this one:
Or this one:
I trust information from Seymour Hersh, Kary Mullis, Peter Duesberg, Weston Price, Francis Pottenger, Jr, William Albrecht and Andre Voisin. None of them follow an agenda that would cause them to lie.

Hi Gary

I can understand not wanting to reveal sources to keep reputation and to maintain the source connections. He’s got some detail that was definitely not mainstream. At least not that I had come across. It seems to me the conclusion was a given.
I will read the linked articles regarding the ‘sarin’ attack and Trumps response- at my censored google blog I’d covered that incident in depth so it will be interesting to read and than go back to my old site and see what I’d written at that time .I still have access to my blog, thankfully! I can move posts over to here for readers to see again or for the first time.

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