Pakistan: Preparations for Russian oil agreement complete- Musadik

Pakistan Observer

State Minister for Petroleum Musadik Malik on Saturday said that preparations for the agreement to purchase discounted oil from Russia were complete.

Talking to a private news channel regarding the agreement, Malik said that the entire delegation, including the Russian Energy Minister, was set to visit Pakistan.

“Serious talks are going on with Russia and delegations will arrive only when preparations are completed,” he added.

Malik maintained that Russia would either give Pakistan a discount equal to that it was giving other countries or a potentially higher discount.

He further said that the ministry would try its best to settle the matter in the interest of Pakistan.

“We spoke to Russia after meeting with oil refineries. Preparation of the contract is complete but we cannot speak prematurely,” he said.

Malik also said that refineries are linking the dam duty with investment in the policy, the duty savings would be invested by the refineries and the government would audit them regularly.

He stated that it is in the “interest of our country to invest money in innovation and upgrading of refineries,” adding that “our refineries produce more furnace oil which has no market anywhere”.

Earlier, Malik and the petroleum secretary participated in the online meeting with Russia from the Pakistani side. The sources added that officials of the Russian energy ministry represented their side in the online moot.

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