Flashback: Idlib Updates, Strawmen, Ridicule and Blood Lust Not Included

Far too many have chosen to ignore that which was staring them in the face. Turkish forces in the Idlib area were there with the acknowledgment and agreement based on an invitation from Russia, which Syria was surely a party too!

This fact, which appeared to myself to be an obvious one was addressed on multiple occasions at my censored blog. The original url to a report written nearly 3 years ago is directly below. Try the way back machine to see if it’s accessible there? Perhaps, it will be my blog in a previous version – I liked to freshen up the place fairly regularly at that time 🙂 Nonetheless below is what was written at that time!

some screen shots so I can cut to the chase as quick as possible

The Turks had an agreement with Russia to place their forces in that area.

The link to the memorandum is still viable and is included below:

Excerpts from the memorandum were included in the early 2020 report

Screen shot below;

Perhaps, because I’ve understood that Turkey was present in Syria with the knowledge and cooperation of Russia and undoubtedly Syria.. my view of what would occur with Idlib was always going to be different from that presented by others. And it was!

As mentioned in the report from the other day..

This will be a two parter- Flashback to present timeStay tuned.

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Flashback indeed, remember reading the original. You were right then as you are now. Love your blog!
Happy New we will have as more see and read the light you have been shinning through your blog to truth.

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