Odessa falls and Ukraine becomes a landlocked country

This does require a time commitment. It’s more than 2 hours in length and requires that one does pay attention to the discussion. It’s in depth. Covering military history and how it relates to this time and place. Particularly the Ukraine situation. And all that entails.

I’m more than half way through it- about 1 hour and 15 minutes in and think it’s worth posting it here. So, it’s here!

If you do listen and want to offer up some input, perspective and opinion. Please do.

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Two boring old school military thinkers with flawless geopolitical analysis referencing millennia of historical truisms. Brilliant and chilling. If you have the stamina to hear them out you will leave this talk more educated about the power politics that will define the next decades.

Hi Mark

I listened to it over two days myself. As you say the geopolitical analysis was very good. Brilliant and chilling? That’s one way of putting it!

Interesting too was their mention of the way this conflict has been covered. Entirely out of touch with reality.

Finally, I’ve proposed here that Ukraine will be broken apart-
They’ve got whatever remains completely landlocked. I tend to agree with that.

Poland is, in my opinion, making preparations

What I found “chilling” about the interview was the low opinion of the American military command structure shared by the two very experienced “establishment” commentators.
I agree that Poland will take advantage of the situation to reoccupy the Kyiv region. Poland has a long history of forced partition and re-partition and an understandable tradition of Russo phobia. But i know not why they would trust an alliance with Germany. Romania will also want their slice of the remains. I cannot understand why Sweden and Finland would choose this time to make overtures to NATO after years of profitable neutrality (Sweden) and peaceful coexistence (Finland). I can’t see that this is the wish or in the best interest of their citizens. The correctly talk of the EU as being “vassal states” in the interview, nations completely under the control of the globalists. They were repaid for their servitude by the destruction of the Nordstream 2 pipeline and the evisceration of their manufacturing economies. While we, here in Canada have demonstrated our servitude by standing by idle while our government re-affirmed our own vassalage by purchasing useless F-35 jets.
As to the MSM coverage I have long learned to ignore their alternate
universe narrative.
Be forewarned.

Hi Mark
Yes, their opinion of American command structure was very low. And considering who these individuals are that has to be taken seriously.
re: Poland- I’m not so sure they will trust an alliance with Germany? Or that their will be an alliance with Germany? Germany is being reduced to a shadow of it’s former self- industrial power house etc., MY feeling is that this is being done so Poland can be elevated as the bridge heat for NATO in Europe.
Personally speaking I still see the Finland/Sweden entry to NATO as dead in the water- seeing at as PR present time. However if the leadership changes in Turkey- this thought goes out the door completely!
As for us in Canada? I can only shake my head. Instead of standing on our own two feet, which we could, Canada’s leadership shows itself time and time again to be subservient to the US/NATO master

For rational information on Ukraine, Col. Douglas Macgregor is my number one go to guy. Number two is Scott Ritter.
The Ukraine and Covid situations have been great in demonstrating that the so-called leaders of this country and their minions wish to control me with their propaganda and that is not in my best interest. Covid demonstrates that it is much easier to fool someone than to convince them that they have been fooled and that the majority of the population is in this category.
In Canada, science is like a foreign language that few people speak, including the so-called scientists.

“The Ukraine and Covid situations have been great in demonstrating that the so-called leaders of this country and their minions wish to control me with their propaganda and that is not in my best interest.”

Definitely not in our best interest. In the interest of those businesses that profit from war, misery and dis ease. I often think of how it is the vaccine/ creation/ manufacture is so embedded in the military industrial complex- that the propaganda is similar in many ways- tweaked for specifics but still similar.

One of my favourite sayings ‘it’s much easier to fool people than to convince them they’ve been fooled’ so accurate

For those that are paying attention, it is pretty clear that those of us who live in the West are being subjected to war levels of propaganda when it comes to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine with the mainstream media carrying out their role as the “performing press poodles” for the anti-Putin and Russia/pro-Zelensky and Ukraine narrative. That said, it doesn’t take much of a search to find evidence Washington’s previous narrative about Ukraine and, in particular, the nation’s Azov Regiment aka the Azov Battalion, a far-right network which consists of military, paramilitary and political organizations.

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