Poland to Legalize Participation of Poles in Ukraine Army

It would be convenient to have Poles in the Ukrainian Army if/when Poland opts to annex a sizeable chunk of this present day nation state thereby returning their people and former lands to the Polish state.

A legislative draft submitted to parliament by both the ruling conservatives and the liberal and left opposition will make it legal for Polish citizens to serve in the Ukrainian armed forces without having to seek a dispensation to do so.

According to the draft, it will not longer be a criminal offense to serve in the Ukrainian army without official permission, and that will apply to all those who have served in the Ukrainian army since February 2014 when Russia annexed Crimea. In addition, it will no longer be illegal to seek to recruit Polish or foreign subjects to the Ukrainian army.

At present, any Polish citizen wishing to serve in the armed forces of another state must seek permission from the Ministry of Defense. Any violation of this may be sanctioned by imprisonment for a period of three months to five years.

The legislative proposal covers all the armed services of Ukraine. It also makes clear that the Polish state is not responsible for the consequences of such service being offered. 

The politicians who submitted the draft argue that this is a measure which will support Ukraine and will act in Poland’s national interest.

An exception is being made in recognition of the fact that the invasion which Russia began back in 2014 is an extraordinary situation which impacts on the security of Poland. Therefore, those who sign up to fight for Ukraine are acting in the national interest against a state which does not hide that it has hostile intentions toward Poland.

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Being in the western states, meaning Us and Canada, we are so uneducated and brainwashed as a population to believe what the media presents. I remember when in Poland the head of workers union gained control. I was so glad for that situation, as unions were losing and corruption was so obvious in US. Can’t remember the union leaders name, think he had a brother too that was pushing union rights.. Then these guys were framed as frauds, out for themselves. My gut feelings are they were sincere and that they were framed. Like so many peps in the west were brainwashed to believe unions were a problem. The union leader were a bought off corrupt group that intruded into the bureaucracy. Bureaucracy was and is a means of continuing this very corruption.

Walesa. One was Lech Walesa and there was a brother who’s name escapes me.
And yes bureaucracy is a means of continuing corruption and keeping it entrenched in the system. I often think about that in terms of what difference the leadership, for the most part, when the machinery remains intact.

Bureaucracy a system of government in which most of the important decisions are made by state officials rather than by elected representatives.

The bureaucracy is a means to muddy the waters and obscure the reality of how things are really run.

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