Flashback: Pt 2 Lavrov- Adana Agreement Understood To Be In Force

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via the wayback machine as it looked in 2019

Putin said: “The treaty between Syria and Turkey of the year 1998 is still valid. And it deals, in particular, with the fight against terrorism. I think that this is the base that closes many issues in terms of ensuring Turkey’s security on its southern borders. Today we have been discussing this issue quite thoroughly, fully and actively.”

Cavosuglu saidWe think he referred to this [protocol] implying that Turkey can intervene in [Syria]. And this is positive for us,”

That’s vague. How many ways can that be interpreted?
I can think of at least two:

*Turkey exits Syria
*Turkey assists Syria in restoring the border areas to the way they used to be between the two countries. Which would include, by necessity, the removal of PKK/YPG.

Then the second part of the statement paraphrased

Turkish regime withdraws rebels and removes itself from Syria..etc.,

Considering the ambiguity inherent in the first part of the statement how to interpret what follows after the “and”
If the first part of the statement is interpreted as Turkey assists Syria in restoring the border areas to the way they used to be then the second part will fall into place?
Is that what the Syrian Foreign Ministry is stating? I don’t know. It’s not at all clear.
What seems clear to me is that Putin, Lavrov and the Turkish leadership understand the agreement is still in place. And Lavrov is stating, plainly, that Syria/Damascus is in agreement

In my opinion, based on a whole lot of research over the nearly 8 years (as of 2019) of covering the Syrian destabilization Ankara and Damascus have maintained contact. I’ve reports here of meetings taking place. Phone calls. And curious simultaneous movements Surely Russia’s involvement with both parties makes clear there is and has been contact ongoing.

March 24/2016 this report was published

Was Syria Cooperating Militarily With Turkey Against The PKK? I Would Say YES

Included were reports that in 09/ Syria and Turkey were jointly rounding up PKK terrorists in a number of Syrian cities.

“400 PKK members were arrested in the Syrian cities of Aleppo, Kamishli, Afrin, al-Hasaka and Ar-Raqqa and 11 PKK fighters were killed in joint Turkish-Syrian operations at the end of June 2010 (ANA, July 1).  In addition, sanctions were taken against Kurdish families supporting the PKK. The New York Times described this as a sign of growing Syrian cooperation with Turkey (July 1). “

 With the benefit of hindsight… it seems to me that this joint round up of PKK was a move to impede the destabilization of Syria.  The US was forced to bring  more of the PKK in through Iraq. Which they did, for one, under the guise of saving Yazidi’s from genocide…

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Remember reading this so long ago, thanks to Kenny(whose soul, vibrates great energy) whoi found you thru his blogroll. Blogrolls To me use to be where you could find sincere blogs if you trusted a blogger. That definitely is not the case any more, even good bloggers seem to be fooled by the Chameleons, but maybe those so called good blogs are Chameleons as well. So sad that Even the integrity of people who are sincere are put into question.

Hey Rae!
Kenny was awesome! I didn’t know that was how you found me?!
And yah his blog roll had lots of ‘ordinary folk’ like me- who just wanted to figure out things for themselves.

Rae, I think you can figure out who is suspect and who isn’t. Your savvy.

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