The Duran w Garland Nixon

I found this to be a very good, very insightful, interview. Touching on the fact that the US is de-industrializing the EU to build up their own economy- This has been quite clear particularly in the hard hits to Germany.

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At the same time I wanna say many things, but at the same time I can’t.

Honestly this all is just stupid (events that is, not about the video and its content, its close or pretty much spot on)

I think they might start doing terrorist attacks under the guise of ecology which governments won’t be able to do much against.

Because like I said in one of your earlier posts, they worked themselves into a spot which you cant effectively deal with those.

And when it becomes evident than the governments can’t protect these big industries you get two options. Private militarization might start like South Africa or those companies like mentioned in the video has an increased urgency to hop out of EU and move to either Turkey or USA.

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