Is Ukraine Creating A False Kherson Narrative?

Yesterday’s report;

Moscow has reported that all troops are moved from the area.

Al Jazeera

Further to this withdrawal

Ukraine is reclaiming towns. So why suggest Russian troops are still present? Would it be useful for Ukraine to create a narrative of war crimes attributed to Russian soldiers as Ukrainian troops exact retribution?

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Russia was wise to move it’s troops, Penny. Sounds like they realized they had created a “cauldron” for their own forces–by placing them in a location that could be inundated with water should the dam be sabotaged. I am getting the sense that “Ukraine” is ready to negotiate a settlement…thinking they might get a better deal than the Minsk treaty. The West is broke and Western citizens have absolutely no stomach for this war–or for Zelensky.

And, of course, the bottom line is that Ukraine and several European nations including Germany are utterly dependent on Russia for fuel to heat their homes, etc. There are some very cold months coming up.

Hey GC
Rather than dealing with a cauldron, I’m leaning more towards this being a freezing of the conflict- For now? Permanently? I’m not sure?
I’m thinking Ukraine is being pushed into some sort of pause It’s become a bottomless pit for finances and weapons that is unsustainable for the West.
Then there are the energy issues that are exacerbating the global inflation problem.

The bank of the Dnieper the Russian are located on is more prone to flooding if the dam is damaged, but, I don’t think (my opinion) that is a serious concern. One never knows of course, but, it just doesn’t make sense-

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