YPG/PKK Doesn’t Fight ISIS- They attack Syrians and…

….the border between Syria and Turkey.

Nothing changes. I mean this exact reality was one that was occurring years ago and it continues to this day.

This is not Turkish rhetoric. This is the reality I was able to discern years ago. Writing prolifically about this at my censored blog.


The Syrian wing of the PKK terrorist organization, the YPG, is not fighting Daesh but attacking the Syrian people as well as Turkish borders, Türkiye’s envoy to the United Nations Feridun Sinirlioğlu said on Tuesday.

“The PKK/YPG and the so-called ‘SDF’ are misguidedly supported by some with the claim that they are fighting Daesh,” Sinirlioğlu said at a U.N. Security Council session on Syria. “In reality, however, the PKK/YPG/SDF continues to attack Syrian civilians and target Türkiye’s borders with the very weapons provided to them to fight Daesh.”

Sinirlioğlu said the YPG, which the U.S. calls a partner, carries out 100 terrorist attacks every month in northern Syria.

“The terrorist organization does not even bother to cover up its crimes, but rather openly claims responsibility for these attacks, publishing them on its social media accounts,” he said.

“To those who still support this terrorist organization or express ‘concern’ with regard to Türkiye’s determination to eliminate this terrorist/separatist threat, I ask: how long will you continue to ignore these crimes?” Sinirlioğlu asked rhetorically.

I can imagine some will ignore and excuse this behaviour permanently.

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