Excess Deaths Continue: Media Coverage Non-Existent. Why?

Could it be because no one wants to acknowledge the possibility of a link between the excess deaths and the mass jabbings. Ya know the mass stabbings. (violently piercing = stabbing = jabbing)

Canada’s data continues to lag.

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Hi Penny:
Have you read “Naked Empress Or The Great Medical Fraud” by Hans Ruesch? I still have my pristine softcover copy.
It helps one understand the pharmaceutical industry, just in case you think they care about your welfare rather than their own.
One major point he makes is that you don’t need to be an animal lover to be against animal testing for new drugs. Reactions to drugs vary according to the species the drug is being tested on. Thus human reactions to a new drug are never known until it is tested on humans.
When thalidomide was tested on animals, none of the teratogenic results that occurred in human babies showed up in the test animals. When the company marketing thalidomide was taken to court, their defense was that animal testing never guarantees that a drug will be safe on humans. And the company won the case!
It was marketed as a morning sickness treatment. I would suggest that it would be a mistake for any pregnant woman to risk taking any drug.
Needless to say, the regulations for drug testing are set up according to the pharmaceutical companies wishes. Higher development costs results in higher prices for the drug which results in higher profits for the company and helps keeps new competitors out of the business.

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