Good- Bye Liz Truss

We hardly knew ya!

Just goes to show political meddling goes on in all nations- No ‘democracy’ is immune from power trippers (bankers and their corporate cronies)

Tory former minister: the game is up for Liz Truss as Prime Minister

Crispin Blunt said he does not think the Prime Minister can survive the current crisis and “it’s now a question as to how the succession is managed”.

It comes as one senior Tory MP said it is “very difficult” to say whether Liz Truss should continue as Prime Minister, and another likened the Government to “libertarian jihadists”.

Asked how the party will get rid of her, he said: “If there is such a weight of opinion in the parliamentary party that we have to have a change, then it will be effected.

“Exactly how it is done and exactly under what mechanism – but it will happen.”

Perhaps by tomorrow morning.. EDT here in Ontario. We’ll be watching Liz go.

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