Flashback- Pt.1 Meddling Outsiders and Antagonistic/Conflicting Neighbours Around the Mediterranean Sea

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As yours truly stated at that time..

Part of the remake the region agenda includes the creation of a Usrael proxy terror  state, Rojova, which necessitates the theft of and further ethnic cleansing of still more Syrian territory in order to connect Rojova to this, vital for it’s survival, waterway.  The sea in the centre of the world. The sea that connects three continents.   
There have been previous reports here discussing massive resources the conflicting neighbours and outsiders are attempting to take control of. The resources in the Mediterranean are a large, no they are a huge factor in the Israeli/Palestine ‘conflict’ We’ll look at that fact , albeit briefly. As we also consider reports in the 5 eyes alt and msm painting Turkey as the ‘bad guy’ or sole problem in the region. Is that realistic? No way in hell.

Turkey has legitimate interests in the Mediterranean, since they border that sea… with an expansive coastline. To say they have no interests only serves the US/Israel and EU/NATO nations that have been and continue to do their most dastardly deeds in order to reshape the region into something more suitable to their interests and their interests alone.This reshape excludes Turkey in it’s present day form, Syria (until they can get Rojova to the Med) Lebanon, Russia which needs the Mediterranean as a warm water port and Iran. Those that are massaging perception in an empire friendly way have to be serving that remake agenda. There is simply no other reason for the nonsense I see being passed off as “analysis” about the happenings around the Mediterranean.

The link below is non viable as it goes back into my censored blog. At some point in time the info will be moved here.

Gas Heats the Eastern Mediterranean

Competition for security and energy is at the center of recent developments in the Eastern Mediterranean.

 Egypt and Israel, once the standard-bearers of the Israel-Arab conflict, have established a broad and cooperative energy and security relationship centering around the mutually beneficial exploitation and transport of commercially significant quantities of offshore natural gas.

Hmm, did that news get much coverage? Just wondering? At the time that report was published here my observation went like this..

Egypt and Israel’s buddying up explains why dictator el Sisi get’s a free pass in the media. And is promoted (as anti Islamist) by disinfo agents on line

“Turkey and Lebanon are notably absent from this new club. “

 Oh, gee that’s so “odd” Turkey and Lebanon absent from this new club despite having coastline in the Mediterranean.

See map here-

Turkey and Lebanon as well as Syria all have coastlines on the Mediterranean.

 March 2017: Greece/Cyprus Provocation as Pretext to Renounce Turkey ?

Moreover, Italy, Greece, Greek Cypriot and Israel had already agreed on the construction of a gas pipeline from newly discovered fields. The project — dubbed “East-Med” — will cost some $6 billion. An over 2,000-kilometer-long (1,243-mile-long) pipeline will channel offshore reserves in the Levantine basin to Greece and Italy.

The East-Med project could be interpreted as an effort to form a regional alliance between Greek Cypriot and Greece to confront Turkey in the eastern Mediterranean.

Confronting Turkey? But Turkey is a NATO ally? Whaaat????

It’s been stated very clearly here and for some time now that NATO no longer sees Turkey as an ally- Since the 5/6 eyes  have other plans.. Remaking the region plans with the intent to weaken Turkey, substantially. Making Turkey an easily controllable piece in the great game. At this time Turkey’s leadership is not going along to get along. Turkey’s leadership has been acting in the interests of Turkey. Not in the interests of the US. Israel. NATO. And the displeasure has long been obvious.

Heralding the Rise of Russia- Arevordi has a great new piece. I’m working on reading it, but, do wish to include a bit of his opening paragraphs here. Arevordi’s piece covers the Armenian genocide issue- but he understands that Usrael has a problem with Turkey at this time. And it’s the leadership.
 And the very obvious Usrael problem with Turkey is why I’m highly suspicious of those writing obfuscating diatribes regarding Turkey and the situation in the Mediterranean sea and region. 

“ I want to again remind the reader that the Anglo-American-Jewish problem is exclusively with Turkey’s belligerent Recep Tayyip Erdogan and NOT with the country of Turkey itself”

 Mediterranean Resources and the Israeli Palestine Conflict

2009 more then 10 years ago: aha ! Palestinian natural gas coveted by Israel  in the Israeli/Gaza conflict (Lebanon covered here as well)

Gaza is a small strip of land on the Mediterranean Sea. Its territorial waters extend to about 35km off the coast. In 1999, the oil firm BG International discovered a huge deposit of natural gas 32km from the Gaza coast. The Gaza Marine gas field contains 1.2 trillion cubic feet of gas valued at over $4 billion.   

 Hamas won the elections to the Palestinian Legislative Council in 2006. This sparked off a bitter power struggle between Hamas and the pro-west Fatah. Ultimately, the Palestinian Authority split in 2007, with Hamas taking control of Gaza and Fatah taking control of West Bank. One of the first things that Hamas did after getting elected was to declare that the natural gas deal would have to be renegotiated.

Then began the Israeli blockade of Gaza……

Pretty sure there are other reports here covering the Israeli Palestine aspect, but, you can easily find more should you be so inclined.

From 2011: An Israeli Natural Gas Pipeline to Greece

“ Israel is considering a plan to build an underwater natural gas pipeline to Europe as a way to transport gas being drilled from offshore wells in the eastern Mediterranean. The plan, as reported August 30 in Globes, involves a pipeline that will run from the Tamar and Dalit gas fields, located off Israel’s northern coastline, and along the seabed to Greece.

    Israel’s northern neighbor, Lebanon, is challenging Israel’s claim of ownership in these gas fields and has brought the issue to the attention of the UN General Assembly.”

2017: Israel Turkey Pipeline Hangs on Cyprus (this agreement failed)

“Although Turkey constitutes Israel’s most commercially viable natural gas market, a failure in Geneva would lead Israel and the Republic of Cyprus government in south Cyprus, which controls the Aphrodite offshore gas field, to look for alternative ways to export natural gas to Europe. Both countries desperately need to secure a stable export market in order to finance the development of their gas industries. In this circumstance, Russia would have a strong strategic interest to incentivize Israel and the government in south Cyprus to export gas via Egypt in order to gain greater influence over non-Russian supply sources and routes to the EU natural gas market”

Again from 2017: censored work 🙁

In sum — and in comparison to 2017 — one will witness more eventful scenes in the eastern Mediterranean in 2018. The only actor that could mediate between Ankara and Nicosia is not Washington but Moscow, the new shining star of the Middle East.

As has already been stated this is a complex and competitive situation. And the Mediterranean has certainly become more eventful.  With multiple players on different sides having diverging interests. BUT, the US and Israel are doing their best to unify or rally servile nations and mindless automatons against Turkey, Libya, Iran, Russia, China and Lebanon in order to reshape the region in a manner that suits their interests. 

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Good to remember this crucial background, Penny. Turkey’s survival as an independent, sovereign nation depends on its alliance with Russia. As Henry Makow said recently, Putin is a nationalist in a globalist world.

Hey GC
I’m hoping more people will understand all that is ongoing now was worked on, prepared for and planned for action.
In the end it may not ‘go down’ exactly as planned, but, the plan is and has been in motion for some time now
I’m going to get Part 2 up in short order

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