Joe Biden : Verifies as TRUE Russian Claims Regarding NATO and Ukraine

And that’s a FACT CHECKED!

Putin said..

Washington, he said, has sought to dominate the world since the end of the Cold War: pressuring allies to hew to its cultural norms; using this hegemonic dominance to launch illegal wars; and encircling Russia by expanding NATO into former Soviet republics in Eastern Europe.

The Western “war machine is moving,” he warned, “and, I repeat, is coming close to our borders.”

And Putin was 100 percent accurate in his assessment!

Realizing that Zelensky has claimed an application for fast tracking to NATO membership- How is it the President of the US, Joe Biden, can make the statements as follows..

Joe Biden

“He can’t seize his neighbour’s territory and get away with it – it’s as simple as that,” Biden told reporters, adding that Washington and its NATO allies were ready to “defend every single inch of NATO territory”.

“So, Mr Putin, don’t misunderstand what I’m saying. Every inch,” Biden said.

Zelensky is looking for a fast track for NATO into Ukraine, because Ukraine is NOT a NATO country.

NATO chief: Decision on Ukraine’s membership must be taken by all 30 allies

A decision on Ukraine’s request to join NATO must be taken by all members, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg has said.

“NATO is not party to the conflict,” Stoltenberg said, adding that “a decision on [Ukraine’s] membership has to be taken by all 30 allies by consensus.”

Stoltenberg is stating correctly that NATO is not a party to the conflict. However the reality is the US runs NATO

As Putin rightly stated NATO was and is threatening Russia.

Joe Biden verified that as a correct and accurate statement. Even if all 30 members do not unanimously decide to allow Ukraine into NATO. The US has made clear it’s deception- However one would have had to willingly play the fool to believe NATO had not fully settled into Ukraine

That ends my fact check! 🙂

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NATO, like all the other international institutions like the UN, WHO, etc. have been terminally corrupted by the Globalists for their own ends. NATO will fall apart like a cheap suit if it tries to make official what is now defacto–Ukraine membership. I do not believe Turkey will allow Ukraine to be formally admitted. Do you Penny?

After all, Putin/Russia literally saved Erdogan’s life when “NATO” tried to assassinate him.

Hi Kaz
I thought I’d read/heard that the application to NATO is dead in the water

“NATO’s Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, speaking to reporters on Friday, shied away from endorsing Ukraine’s bid, reiterating the alliance’s open-door policy.”

Like Sweden and Norway, I can’t imagine Ukraine joining.
And am still of the mind Ukraine will be broken apart. With Poland taking back a good chunk of territory- and the US won’t say a thing

GC: “I do not believe Turkey will allow Ukraine to be formally admitted. Do you Penny?”

I think there are more parties that will not be interested in seeing Ukraine officially taken into NATO, than those that will be.

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