Flashback: Deadheading the Polish Government Part 2

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I did some reading on the plane. The Tupolev Tu-154. Most often described as aged and prone to accidents. However, I came across a number of articles, here and below, that indicated the plane had been completely refurbished, new engines etc.,

The plane carrying Kaczynski was refurbished and repaired last year, according to Alexei Gusev, general director of Aviakor Factory, the company that performed the service.
“Speaking openly, we believe that this tragedy could not have been caused by equipment failure,” he said.

So unless there was some kind of sabotage, equipment failure seems to be a dead end.

How about the Pilot?
By all accounts the Pilot was repeatedly informed to not land. Yet, he persisted in landing.

It has been reported the crew of the plane were in fact offered three alternative airports to land at, as a result of the dense fog conditions. They opted instead to continue the flight in order to assess the weather situation.

Two Belarussian airports – Minsk and Vitebsk – as well as Moscow Vnukovo were suggested to the pilots said Russia’s presidential plenipotentiary representative Georgy Poltavchenko

Poltavchenko, who was among the delegates waiting to receive the aircraft, states that he was informed that the weather conditions were “difficult”, with visibility below 400m – and possibly as low as 100-150m.
But he says the flight crew considered they had sufficient fuel to continue flying to the Smolensk terminal area, to “look around, and then decide”.
“Then we were told that they were going to land,” he says, adding that the Tu-154 was not heard approaching before there was the noise of an impact. He says the sounds were “strange” and “not typical” of a crash.

Air transport regulator Rosaviatsia’s chief, Alexander Neradko, told Putin during the briefing that visibility was below the minimum of 1,000m.

Neradko says the Tu-154 struck an 8m-tall tree at a distance of 1,200m from the runway. At this distance the tri-jet should have been at a height of 60m, he says, the standard for a 3° glideslope.
“The aircraft proceeded to strike more trees, broke up in mid-air, hit the ground and exploded,” he adds.

No indication has been given, during the briefing, on whether the crew attempted to abort the landing. Earlier information had suggested that the Tu-154 had been executing a go-around.

Strange sounds, not typical of a crash? Is this important?

Another possibility for the Pilot ignoring the orders from the air traffic controllers lies in the Polish Presidents’ previous behaviour. He may have ordered the Pilot to make the landing despite the dicey conditions. So was the Pilot being pressured to make the landing?

Still, attention has been drawn to the pilot’s state of mind because of a previous incident involving the Polish president, Lech Kaczynski.

In August 2008, during Russia’s brief war with Georgia, Mr. Kaczynski got into a dispute with a pilot flying his plane to the Georgian capital, Tbilisi, according to reports at the time. Mr. Kaczynski demanded that the pilot land despite dangerous conditions, but the pilot disagreed and diverted to neighboring Azerbaijan.
Mr. Kaczynski threatened that there would be consequences for the pilot, the Polish newspaper Dziennik reported. “If someone decides to become a pilot, he cannot be fearful,” Mr. Kaczynski said. “After returning to the country, we shall deal with this matter.”

Was this crash the result of Kaczynski’s demands?

There is no way of knowing what was going on in the plane, or in the pilots mind. Because, like all the others he died in the crash.

I feel it is important to mention that a push is on to quickly name a central banker replacement. Despite all the pomp and circumstance over the death of the President, the absolute importance of the countries central banker cannot be discounted, ever.

Poland Must Name Central Bank Head Immediately, Official Says
Much more important then a new President!
Poland must immediately replace central bank Governor Slawomir Skrzypek, who died in the April 10 plane crash.The economy and concern for the country’s finances require a quick decision and the authorities have started handling the matter.

Bronislaw Komorowski, who assumed Presidency said “we need quick decisions, because the governor calls meetings of the Monetary Policy Council, and that body oversees exchange rates, a role absolutely essential to the functioning of government.”

Seems so odd…this priority.

By all accounts the Russian government is going out of their way to cooperate, to investigate along with representatives from the Polish government.

I spent some time surfing around on the net. A lot of fingers are pointing at Russia and the Russian government surely must be aware of how this entire situation appears to the public and possibly to other heads of state.

At this point in time, I will say, nothing may be as it seems. Given Russia’s warming of relations as of late, the newest natural gas deal with Poland. I would hesitate, if this was some kind of coup attempt, to point my fingers at Russia.


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3 flashbacks- all up
We see some of the same names then as now
including Sikorski (hope I’m spelling that correctly?) He came to the forefront with the deaths of the entire government of Poland. Same for Donald Tusk- Poland has been groomed for it’s role- the role it is playing wrt Ukraine and the usurping of Germany’s dominance for better than a decade now..
that’s how I’m seeing this situation

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