Pipeline Big Lies Exploding

Pun intended.

Always remember NATO’s reason for existing.

Lord Ismay

Lord Hastings Lionel Ismay was NATO’s first Secretary General, a position he was initially reluctant to accept. By the end of his tenure however, Ismay had become the biggest advocate of the organisation he had famously said earlier on in his political career, was created to “keep the Soviet Union out, the Americans in, and the Germans down.”

The more up to date version goes like this

Keep Russia out, the Americans in and the Germans down.

Let’s call this disinformation of the worst most absurd type

No official presented evidence of what caused the Nord Stream problems, but with distrust of Russia running high, some feared Moscow sabotaged its own infrastructure out of spite or to warn that pipelines are vulnerable to attack.

I’m calling bullbiscuits on the claim this was done out of spite”

“The arrow points in the direction of Russia,” Puck Nielsen said. "No one in the West is interested in having any kind of instability in the energy market."

Oh, really? No one in the West is interested in instability in the energy market? Isn’t that exactly why the “west” started their insane sanctions regime? How absurd doe these claims have to get?!

“But I think if we look at who would actually benefit from disturbances, more chaos on the gas market in Europe, I think there’s basically only one actor right now that actually benefits from more uncertainty, and that is Russia,” he said.

See here’s the thing…. I can think of others who would want more chaos in the gas market in Europe, right now.

Simone Tagliapietra, an energy expert with the Bruegel think tank in Brussels, said the leaks "can't be a coincidence" and speculated they could have been caused by Russian sabotage or anti-Russian sabotage.

Zelensky is on message- so it’s looking very much like an organized propaganda campaign- whatever actually occurred.

The pipelines exploded in Swedish and Danish waters- Highly suggestive of at least two parties that were involved in the explosions- which were likely anti Russian sabotage-

Official claims, most experts believe a sabotage operation, committed only by a state actor, by means of navy divers or with a submarine

In Swedish and Danish waters..

“There are two leaks on Nord Stream 1 – one in Swedish economic zone and one in Danish economic zone. They are very near each other,” a Swedish Maritime Administration (SMA) spokesperson told Reuters

.. at the moment there’s no evidence it was a Russian false flag to fuel greater insecurity

No evidence what so ever. So it’s spin, hyperbole and bullshit.

This wasn’t Russia’s doing as already stated..

The pipelines were inactive. Russia had stopped delivery through them. It doesn't make sense to me they'd need to sabotage them,when for lack of a better term, these pipelines are OFF.

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Hmm, so the Germans are not allowed to retreat eeh. To go forth to the bitter end. Tragic

Well America’s Germany show us your final act, how many lives will your actions end.

I absolutely agree.

People will get awaked in a horrible fashion.

This just keeps me remembering the world building in the movie “Children of Men”

Where Europe is in utter chaos and that there are European refugees trying to find shelter in Britain where they also end up being threated badly.

What a mess we are in. The only way this can get worse is that Turkey and Greece start a beef which is becoming more likely since Turkey is getting annoyed with troops getting deployed on Greek islands.

And Taiwan.

Seems like an awful recipe for depopulation.

Turkey and Greece are at odds, again. I’ve noticed that as well. Greece seems intent on antagonizing relations.
Canada felt the need to traverse the Taiwan Straits, again. Alongside the US. Last week.

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