Zelensky is literally selling Ukraine to US corporations on Wall Street

An oped

Ukraine’s Western-backed leader Volodymyr Zelensky opened the New York Stock Exchange telling Wall Street his country is “open” for foreign corporations to exploit it with $400 billion in state selloffs.

In a speech launching the neoliberal selloff program Advantage Ukraine, Zelensky offered Wall Street “a chance for you to invest now in projects worth of hundreds of billions of dollars.”

The financial news service Business Wire published a press release from the Ukrainian government in which Zelensky boasted:

It also quoted the president of NYSE Group, Lynn Martin, who said:

Freedom to exploit- Investor protection (people exploitation) Unfettered access to capital aka plunder

Zelensky coordinated his New York Stock Exchange publicity stunt with an editorial in the Wall Street Journal imploring US capitalists to “Invest in the Future of Ukraine.”

“I committed my administration to creating a favorable environment for investment that would make Ukraine the greatest growth opportunity in Europe since the end of World War II,” Zelensky wrote.

He continued:

Multipolarista previously reported on a meeting by Western governments and corporations in Switzerland in July in which they planned harsh neoliberal economic policies to impose on Ukraine.

The Western participants published documents calling to cut labor laws, “open markets,” drop tariffs, deregulate industries, and “sell state-owned enterprises to private investors.”

compared the new emergency anti-labor laws imposed by the Ukrainian government to the brutal neoliberal policies implemented by Chile’s far-right Pinochet dictatorship after a CIA-backed coup in 1973.

Recall in previous post there was a soldier who went by the moniker Pinochet- which seemed so strange..

“It’s jaw dropping,” Hudson said of Zelensky’s Wall Street Journal op-ed. “It’s like a parody of what a socialist would have written about how the class war would be put in into action by a fascist government.”

“So of course he was welcomed on the stock exchange for abolishing labor’s rights,” Hudson added. “You could not have a more black-and-white example” of class war.

“This is exactly what [French President] Macron said when he said the ‘end of abundance.’ The Ukrainian labor force has just experienced the end of affluence, neoliberal style.

“And as Mr. Zelensky said, it may be the end of affluence for the labor force, but it’s going to be a bonanza for you investors in the New York Stock Exchange. Come on in and join the party!”

“Somebody’s loss is turned into somebody else’s game. And that’s what happens in a class war. It’s a zero-sum game. There is no attempt at all to raise living standards.”

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This certainly explains why the USA and Zelensky (its puppet) are so desperate to win against Russia and why they are making such frantic, yet so far futile, attempts to retake the nuclear power plant. All those corps Zelensky is selling out to will need a totally enslaved population (war-weary and deep in debt) plus the power plant in order for their ill-gained operations in Ukraine to rake in huge profits for themselves. It’s all on the backs of American tax payers and the dead or broken bodies of Ukrainians. That’s how I see it anyway. Am I close to the mark, Penny? You are way better at this than I am.

“All those corps Zelensky is selling out to will need a totally enslaved population (war-weary and deep in debt) plus the power plant in order for their ill-gained operations in Ukraine to rake in huge profits for themselves.”

I think you are definitely on to something MR! The power plant is a huge supplier of energy, to Europe. It’s undoubtedly capable of generating massive profits considering the extremely high prices for energy we’re all being stuck with.

When I saw this news all that came to mind was the western plunder of USSR after it fell and the drunken fool was put in place-
Which btw Zelensky is a younger but still a drunken/ drug using version of Yeltsin- History has this weird way of repeating (or rhyming as some say) and that’s what came to mind when I posted this.

MR, your pretty good at analysis! Don’t sell yourself short. 🙂

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Hey Brian
Yah, that’s interesting..
Turkey and Greece–it’s heated up as of late, but, it’s been another continuing issue since the coup attempt in Turkey-Greece had a hand in that!

I’m not surprised that Turkey and Syria would eventually make amends- Particularly once Turkey was less influenced by the US- Which has been an ongoing, but, little noticed process for some time now (though I wrote about it quite a bit at my big tech censored blog)

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