More Covid Jabs = Higher Risk of Catching Omicron

This likely explains Anthony Fauci, Joe Biden, Jill Biden, Justin Trudeau, Albert Bourla, Gavin Newsom, Barak Obama, John Tory, Gretchen Whitmer and soooooo many others. Quadruple jabbed and contracting Covid. Still they’re mostly grateful, though a few are thankful, they caught the virus despite the excessive jabby jabs 😉

If you can think of any other high profile jabees drop their name in the comment and I’ll add them to the list above!

The Study!

National Icelandic Study: Fully COVID-19 Vaccinated at Higher Risk for Omicron-based Reinfection than Non-Vaccinated!

In what TrialSite considered a bombshell finding, the Icelandic researchers discovered that those who received two or more doses (e.g., those fully vaccinated and/or boosted) experienced a higher rate of Omicron-based reinfection compared to individuals vaccinated one time or not at all.


Longer time from initial infection was associated with a higher probability of reinfection, although the difference was smaller than expected. Surprisingly, 2 or more doses of vaccine were associated with a slightly higher probability of reinfection compared with 1 dose or less.

A uber jabbed have a higher probability of reinfection then those icky unvaccinated persons. That’s a contradiction from the usual narrative. Though not entirely unexpected!

Reads like a pandemic of the vaccinated.

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