Explosion/s Rock Russian Airfield in Crimea

What happened? It’s not clear.

Of course there are conflicting reports

Ukrainian social media is abuzz with claims that this was a Ukrainian strike

Ukrainian social media was abuzz with speculation that the Ukrainian military had struck the base, but Ukrainian officials did not confirm any attack.

If the explosions were indeed the result of a Ukrainian strike, it would mark the first major strike against Russian forces in Crimeawhich has served as a base for the Russian Black Sea fleet even before the 2014 annexation — and a significant escalation in the fighting.

There is at least one reported death and somewhere around 5 injuries.

Russia says ammunition detonated at Crimea base, one dead

Russia Tuesday attributed loud blasts at a key military airbase on the Moscow-annexed Crimean peninsula to exploding ammunitions, downplaying the possibility that the site was hit by Ukrainian fire.

The blasts rocked the Saki airfield on the 167th day of Moscow’s invasion.

The Russian defence ministry said “several aviation munitions detonated” at the base in an incident the head of the region said had left one person dead. 

Local health officials earlier said five people, including one child, had been injured.

The defence ministry said it was looking to establish the reason for the explosions but indicated the airfield was not targeted in an attack.

There was no immediate reaction from Kyiv.

I’m thinking it was just one explosion, but, can’t be sure.

Any thoughts?

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At 0:31 and 0:42 you hear additional explosions, the sound at both of them are different.

And at the explosion of the video at 0:08, there were already smoke at coming from the site, so the 0:08 is when someone was pointing their phone at it. Those images are never recorded when the thing starts, most of the time and after initial explosions. If it was recorded at the start that would mean, that someone would have known something like this would happen.

Something about that explosion doesn’t sit right with me and can’t say why.

So what I wonder is, if its an Strike an Accident or a Sabotage.

If its a Strike, I mean you say escalation but that area has always been in the crosshairs of the Ukrainians.

If its an Accident I wouldn’t be surprised, because its easy to skip corners when doing routine things and those can prove fatal in such a high risk environment.

Or Sabotage, because well that’s a rabbit hole. Don’t wanna go in their it can go very deep.

Just listened to today’s military summary report-

there are rumours that the British may have aided the Ukrainians in an operation to target this location- It’s only rumours, but, interesting given the special relationship Zelensky and Boris J seem to have had.

I read Zelensky is making hay about this incident….

There are reports that Ukraine is claiming responsibility for the incident

links to this article

“This was an air base from which planes regularly took off for attacks against our forces in the southern theater,” the source said, adding that a “device exclusively of Ukrainian manufacture was used” in the attack.

We shall see what comes of all of this?

Hi Penny. Military channel said that the Russians lost 20 or so aircraft, 1 Heli and 60 pilots were wounded.

No word on the real cause. A simple drone dropping a grenade into a weapons stockpile (the ISIS throat cutters managed that in a Syrian sports stadium), a HIMARS with max range model rocket, Sabotage action by (someone’s) special forces. Who knows?

It smells like the West trying to escalate like they did with the sinking of the Russian Cruiser – the Russians are very much in the driving seat right now.

The crazies keep doubling down. The tune of Helter Shelter in the US, UK, EU and beyond is rising to crescendo. Winter is coming and few are prepared.

Hey Chuckyman!
I heard the report yesterday. Today’s news reports claim between 7-9 planes. not sure about Helicopters. This feels to me like there had to have been a western hand behind this strike. Likely the Brits. Dangerous. Very dangerous.

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