Joe Biden’s Paxlovid Rebound

While Paxlovid may be very profitable for Pfizer much like the experimental jab/therapeutic, one has to wonder if the ability of the virus to defeat the ‘antiviral’ will result in the creation of yet more mutated variations. Same as how the jab failing to stop transmission likely contributes to mutations

When we consider the way bacteria gets around antibiotics resulting in antibiotic resistant super bacteria strains that we are having to deal with at this time. This harsh reality, this consequence, was not considered when antibiotics were doled out like candy.

Ya know like mrsa, uti’s, c diff and some venereal diseases.

To name but a few of our pharma made, created threats/ resistant bacterias..

Could the Paxlovid fail result in ever more dangerous viral creation?

President Biden tested positive for the coronavirus again on Saturday, his physician said, after experiencing a Paxlovid “rebound.”
The president’s physician, Kevin O’Connor, said Biden tested negative on Tuesday evening, Wednesday morning, Thursday morning and Friday morning. He tested positive late Saturday morning on an antigen test.

Physicians have warned that many people (how many?) who receive Paxlovid can experience “rebound” infections days after initially testing negative, although data on the frequency of the condition and its long-term effects remain unclear.

Biden experiences a Covid rebound after treatment with one course of Paxlovid

Biden’s returning symptoms are an example of a rebound Covid-19 case, a phenomenon that has happened in some cases after people take Paxlovid.

Fauci, had Paxlovid rebound. It’s got to be much more common than is being acknowledged.

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I was sorta watching out for this exact situation.

I already read that paxlovid did something similar to someone else where he also tested negative after paxlovid, but later came back again.

On a different note, incompetent people who are generating anti-vax content are hurting the cause. They are easy pickings for the established ‘news’ sources and they are using it to discredit the legitimate concerns of others.

Looks like a war of some sorts.

(fyi, you are not generating anti-vax content, but just repeating it, mostly from credible ones, as far I can be bothered to check)

Yes, there seems to be far too much paxlovid rebound cases.

Hi kaz, I don’t feel I’m generating ‘anti-vax’ content at all.
I’m extremely careful about my questioning of the therapeutic/jab choice in resources. Good questions need asking and those questions require very good, legitimate answers. None have been forthcoming to date. We’re still getting the same old- get your shot.
But already so much of what we’ve been told has shown itself to be a lie

Safe? Not so much
Effective? No so much
Will end the pandemic. Absolutely false
And this was always known, going back to 2020 though it is being admitted- Deborah Birx “overplaying the vaccine”

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