John Bolton- Coup Planner Eyeing Turkey for “Democracy”

As we all know John Bolton has played his role in fomenting coups. He admitted it the other day.

What should come as no surprise to my long term readership is John Bolton has Turkey in his sights. The attempted coup back in 2016 didn’t go as planned. So a “big gun” was needed

John Bolton joined the newly launched Turkish Democracy Project

Yes, you read that name correctly “Turkish Democracy Project”

Mr Bolton wants “to shine a light on the darkening situation’

John Bolton, the former national security adviser to President Donald Trump, says he’s joined the advisory council of the Turkish Democracy Project, a newly launched nonprofit, “to shine a light on the darkening situation” in Turkey.

Only an idiot would believe that gibberish.

The organization describes its mission as “encouraging Turkey to adopt more democratic policies and responding to the steady erosion of Turkey’s democratic institutions, human rights protections, and economic well-being.”

Double speak for Turkey is pursuing it’s own interests and that cannot stand!

The board of directors includes former Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and former Italian Foreign Minister Giulio Terzi di Sant’Agata.

The Daily Sabah outlet said the Turkish Democracy Project was a “platform for anti-Turkey propaganda” and reported that two of the organization’s board members, Aykan Erdemir and Suleyman Ozeren, are wanted in Turkey in connection with the failed coup.

If at first you don’t succeed..

Turkish Democracy Project

“TDP is dedicated to informing the international community about Erdogan’s destabilizing actions in and beyond the region, its systemic corruption, its support for extremism, and its disregard for democracy and human rights. To keep the public informed about these threats, we will build a comprehensive database of research (research?) while providing a platform for thought leadership and expertise.

Through conventional and social media that brings our expert research and advocacy to the public, we aim to inform a policy towards Turkey that opposes its destabilizing behavior, supports genuine democratic reform, and holds the forces of corruption and oppression within Turkey to account.”

In other words TDP is going to tell YOU what THEY want to to THINK/FEEL and UNDERSTAND about Turkey. Through conventional and social media this NGO will tell you what to think and believe so you will be on board with their agenda

Our Work

In order to advocate for reform and shed light on the situation in Turkey, TDP will:

Serve as a resource for developments in Turkey and in the wider region, compiling accurate and detailed information about the Turkish government’s human rights violations, anti-democratic activities, corruption, and aggressive foreign policy.

Mobilize public opinion to support a global policy towards Turkey that discourages those practices that threaten human rights locally as well as peace globally.

Assess the risks of engaging with corrupt businesses in Turkey and impress the gravity of those risks on international companies presently or potentially exposed to the Turkish market.

Disseminate regular and reliable information through articles, TV appearances, and news briefs.

John Bolton- Coup plotter
This individual has been around for years- much like his cohorts in this NGO

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