Dr Kieran Moore: Benefit vs Risk for Covid Therapeutic

He’s the pharma spokesperson from Ontario- oops I mean “Chief Medical Officer of Health”

He calls the jab a “therapeutic”. While talking about the increased risk of myocarditis from the jab in those who have no risk from the virus.

Suddenly the tune has changed- But quick jab the babies!

Do no harm? Seems to me harms been done aplenty

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Hi Penny:

Watching the Ontario Jab scene the double-speak is mindblowing. Kieran Moore talking out of both sides of his mouth–saying that teens are at risk of myocarditis but babies can get ModeRNA. Does it have something to do with all the lawsuits flying about the vaxxes? BS Bonnie here in BC is in a closed door hearing at the Vancouver Law Courts testifying under oath. Could it have anything to do with the doZens of vax injury lawsuits she’s fighting at the moment?

Hey GC;

He is definitely speaking out of both sides of his mouth regarding “vaccine” safety– oh wait therapeutic. As he’s calling the shot now.
A therapeutic is a different beast entirely- therapeutics are generally used to treat something. Vaccines were given to prevent something
However, it’s worth noting the admission that these are not vaccines as so many of us have stated.

But still therapeutic is misleading. Therapeutics are used when one is already ill, having a disease of some sort and therapeutics are the treatments.
So the jab cannot really be called a therapeutic either because it’s given to those that do not have said ‘disease’
Which begs the question what is this mRNA thing, really?

Kieran is in a bind. Doing a wild dance to avoid future lawsuits IMO. mRNA is a “therapeutic” to fix the human condition of living until the late 80’s or even longer. This condition is counterproductive to the banksters who don’t want to pay for “useless eaters”. So, I guess you could say humanity is being vaxxxZed against the “Useless Eater” disease. Also sterility is huge here. So humanity is also symultaneously being vaxxxZed against the the disease called “Procreation”.

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