Covid : The Repetition of Big Lies to Create an Illusion of Truth

I prefer Truth. Not an illusion of truth. How about you?

Globe and Mail “ Another Covid -19 Wave is Here, If Only…

If only, if only…… but wait we have the solution. Based on the repetition of lies to create a version of truth that has nothing to do with reality.

Let’s read the big lies as they are repeated again and again and again:

We know enough about COVID-19 to make wise choices. It starts with vaccines. They are the single best weapon in the arsenal against the virus. They can keep people out of overcrowded hospitals, reduce the odds of new variants appearing, and cut back on the severity of an infection.”

Vaccines: They do not stop transmission so they cannot keep people out of overcrowded hospitals. FACT

Vaccines: They do not reduce the odds of new variants appearing- or we wouldn’t have the endless stream of new variants appearing- It’s self evident. In FACT, because the vaccines don’t stop transmission the vaccines are most probably encouraging the mutations of this virus.

See: Original antigenic sin and ADE’s

The vaccines do not cut back on the severity of infection- however that may be defined by the jab pushers? Self evident in the fact that the more boosted among us are getting sicker and/or hospitalized and/or dying. Anthony Fauci comes to mind. Double jabbed, double boosted and 2 courses of Paxlovid… This man alone proves the fact of the vaccine not preventing transmission, not necessarily reducing ‘severity of infection’ and definitely not reducing the odds of new variants appearing.

And yet there are still millions of people who haven’t had two shots, and half the eligible population has never received a booster. This is a huge failing on the part of governments.

See all the reasons above the vaccine is not the panacea presented by the lie repeating main stream media. Also “failing on the part of governments” is quite a claim, considering the extreme coercion, bullying and abusive mandating the government engaged in. Should they have incarcerated people? Oh wait, they did! In the lock downs! What ever does the Globe and Mail’s gibberish truly mean?

‘Masks are a simple choice, too.”

There is ample evidence to show masks don’t work. Make no difference. And exacerbate many other issues (Dry eye-impede breathing- dental caries) Given the breathing in of mask materials, quite likely a pandemic of lung cancer is set to take hold.

The media has to keep repeating it’s big lies, on behalf of their pharma partners. Even though the real world is clearly showing us the truth. The facts of the matter.

How Liars Create the Illusion of Truth

Repetition makes a fact seem more true, regardless of whether it is or not. Understanding this effect can help you avoid falling for propaganda, says psychologist Tom Stafford.

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