Turkey, Russia, Ukraine and U.N. meeting on grain set for Wednesday -minister


ISTANBUL (Reuters) – Turkish Defence Minister Hulusi Akar said on Tuesday that military delegations from Turkey, Russia and Ukraine will meet with a United Nations delegation to discuss the safe export of Ukrainian grain.

The meeting will take place on July 13, Akar said.

That’s tomorrow!

Military delegations from Turkey, Russia and Ukraine and a United Nations delegation will be conducting talks in Istanbul tomorrow regarding safe transfer of grain waiting in Ukrainian ports to international markets via sea route,” he said.

The talks comes at a time of record high food prices globally, as conflict in Ukraine, the world’s largest grain supplier, has fuelled concerns about food security.

Turkey has played a key role in talks between the United Nations, Russia and Ukraine on a potential Black Sea corridor to export grain from Ukraine.

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Makes sense Penny the PerpZ would want to take over Ukraine–it being such a supplier of food to the very species they want so desperately to depopulate. Makes sense they would also want to disrupt shipments of grain around the world/

Hoping that something can be worked out between the parties and the grain can be shipped out of Ukraine’s ports- but the stick in the mud is Ukraine

Was it the one with that “Climate change” is causing crop losses and therefor we need more resilient stuff and thus Gmo to secure food security ?

Or the usual we need to protect the people in poverty with gmo foods in poorer countries.

And than the justification they use about, how normal foods are already gmo. Like please there is a difference between generation of crossing them and modifying them in a lab environment. One is a guided natural process the other is intervention.

In any case, at this point I think its safe to say that gates his legacy is ; “Looks nice on the surface, but an absolute horror show when you delve into the details. An horror which needs time to manifest”

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