Ukraine’s Human Shield Use, Again. This time a nursing home

This is NOT the first time Ukraine has engaged in this war crime tactic.

It’s all about spin for Ukraine. This type of atrocity making is great for the Ukraine propaganda- feeds the mindless flag wavers here in North America. It is not good for civilians who’ve been repeatedly and intentionally placed in harms way by Ukrainian forces. These are the people Ukraine is claiming to defend. To protect.

Charlotte Observer

But a new U.N. report has found that Ukraine’s armed forces bear a large, share of the blame for what happened in Stara Krasnyanka, which is about 580 kilometers (360 miles) southeast of Kyiv. A few days before the attack, Ukrainian soldiers took up positions inside the nursing home, effectively making the building a target.

I want you to pay particular attention to the way these killings are presented in this weasel worded article from the Charlotte Observer..

“At least 22 of the 71 patients survived the assault, but the exact number of people killed remains unknown, according to the United Nations.”

Isn’t that awesome 22 of 71 people survived- In what condition? Not mentioned. What is glossed over is the fact that 49 people in a nursing home died because Kiev decided to uses these vulnerable persons as human shields to curry western favour! A rather appalling way to make light of these offences.

The report by the U.N.’s Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights doesn’t conclude the Ukrainian soldiers or the Russian troops committed a war crime.

But it said the battle at the Stara Krasnyanka nursing home is emblematic of the human rights office’s concerns over the potential use of “human shields” to prevent military operations in certain areas.

This is not done to prevent military operations. This is done to ensure military operations occur that can be spun for PR purposes. There is value in those deaths….. to Ukraine.

For Ukraine, maintaining the upper hand in the fight for hearts and minds helps to ensure the continued flow of billions of dollars in Western military and humanitarian aid.

Axios: UN finds Ukrainian forces put civilians at risk in nursing home attack

Less lying in the Axio article as you can read below:

The United Nations released a report that found that Ukraine’s armed forces helped in the assault of a nursing home in the southeast of Kyiv.

Why it matters: Ukrainian forces blamed Russian forces for destroying the nursing home

Details: Days before the attack, the nursing home's management requested local authorities to evacuate the residents. However, "[t]his was reportedly impossible as Ukrainian armed forces had allegedly mined the surrounding area and blocked roads."

What they're saying: "The bottom-line rule is that civilians cannot intentionally be targeted. Period. For whatever reason,” David Crane, a former U.S. Defense Department official told AP.

  • “The Ukrainians placed those people in a situation which was a killing zone. And you can’t do that.”

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