Russia/Separatists Control Luhansk as Lyschansk Taken- Negotiatons on the Horizon?

Zelensky says they will take the region back

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has acknowledged that his forces have withdrawn from the bombed-out city of Lysychansk, the last Ukrainian stronghold in the eastern Luhansk province.

But he pledged late on Sunday to regain control of the lost territory with the help of long-range Western weapons.

We’ve all read this talk previously

Politics makes strange bedfellows

The Ukrainian ambassador to Germany, Andrij Melnyk, condones the crimes of Bandera’s nationalists thereby undermining mutual trust between Poland and Ukraine, writes Jerzy Haszczyński in daily ‘Rzeczpospolita’

This is not going to sit well with the Polish people or their descendants who understand this bit of history

Ukrainian Ambassador to Germany Andrij Melnyk has become famous for his strong criticism of Germany’s reluctance to support Ukraine. He has been a frequent guest on German TV and radio stations, and now, during one radio interview, he turned to defending Ukraine’s infamous World War II leader, Stepan Bandera, arguing that the genocide committed in Volhynnia during World War II by Ukrainian nationalists was simply revenge for Poles persecuting and murdering Ukrainians.

So the genocide committed by Bandera and his fellow nazi sympathizers were ‘simply revenge’ Well, at least the Ukrainian ambassador is acknowledging Bandera and company are mass killers, despite his glossing over of the situation.

It is rather strange that a Ukrainian ambassador should hold such views. They are the opinions of a nationalist activist or commentator, not of a diplomat. They were too public not to cause concern in Poland and damaged Ukraine right when it is beginning to suffer losses on the military front and the West is growing tired of the war and beginning to put pressure on Ukraine to end it. (Negotiations on the horizon?)

It seems to me that the Ukrainian ambassador is a nationalist activist as well as a diplomat- the two roles are clearly not mutually exclusive

Has the green light finally come down from the US for Ukraine to begin negotiations with Russia ? Seems to be a fair bit of talk about negotiations. (See article directly above) Negotiating a settlement, perhaps, before the global economy comes apart at the seams?

It’s not the United States’ role to push Ukraine to negotiate a settlement with Russia, even if the Biden administration thought that it was the right thing to do, John Kirby said Sunday.

“It’s time for the United States to continue to support Ukraine, and that’s what we are doing,” the National Security Council coordinator for strategic communications said.

Speaking to Mike Emanuel on “Fox News Sunday,” Kirby said it will always be Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s call as to if and when to seek a negotiated settlement with President Vladimir Putin and Russia.

“President Zelenskyy,” Kirby said, “he gets to determine how victory is decided and when and on what terms. And [what] we’re going to do is continue to make sure that can succeed on the battlefield so that he can succeed at the table. But even President Zelenskyy will tell you that the time is not now for those discussions.”

Kirby lies.

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