Ukraine’s Battlefield Losses, Fudged Military Stats.Spin Wins? Retreat from Severodonetsk

As mentioned in yesterday’s report.

Trump administration official said. “And they are losing a lot of experienced people.”

Ukraine has been taking unsustainable military losses. For quite some time now.Through death, injury and desertion.

From a Sky News report

Ukraine war: 80% of troops killed or injured in elite military unit, says commander – and its future is unclear

Speaking to Sky News near the frontline, south of the city of Severodonetsk, the company commander says a core of experienced soldiers who had been fighting together since 2018 have been lost.

A commander of an elite unit of Ukrainian marines has told Sky News the majority of his best trained troops have been injured or killed.

“My unit was 100% made up of professional soldiers who have a lot of experience. Now, 80% are incapacitated from serious injuries or death,” he says.

Citing the number of people who have lost their lives in the defence of Severodonetsk, the governor of Luhansk, Sergey Haidai, says Ukrainians would begin to withdraw from the devastated city amid continuous Russian air and ground assaults.

Severodonetsk recently witnessed the complete withdrawal of Ukrainian forces. At least that’s what Ukraine’s government is claiming. Perhaps Ukraine’s government did order a withdrawal? Perhaps those that remained simply left and the Ukrainian government put a positive spin on it? I don’t know.

After months of furious street battles and a heavy death toll, Ukraine will withdraw its forces from the largely ruined city of Sievierodonetsk, according to the local governor.

The fall means that only the city of Lysychansk across the river stands in the way of Russia gaining full control of the eastern Luhansk region. Once Russia has Luhansk, it could then turn its attention to the neighboring Donetsk region. Together, the two regions make up the Donbas, Ukraine’s industrial heartland.

Serhiy Haidai, the head of the Luhansk region’s military administration, said that it “does not make sense” to hold on to positions in the city any longer. “The number of people killed will increase every day,” he said.

The battle will now turn to Lysychansk, which sits on high ground on the western banks of the Siversky Donets River and is slowly being flanked by Russian forces from multiple directions. Unlike Sievierodonetsk, which is essentially on flat ground, the complex terrain of hills and ridges in and around Lysychansk has offered the Ukrainians multiple defensive positions.

Nevertheless, a soldier named Sergiy said that while Ukrainian troops were holding their positions for now, an order to retreat “could come at any moment.”

Cut through the weasel wording and you understand that Ukraine is obfuscating reality. They’ve been lying about nearly everything. From Snake Island to the Ghost/Goat of Kiev. To battlefield stats and undoubtedly much much more. That all said, they lie very well. Oh, I mean the spin/manage perception efficiently and effectively.

While the outcome of the conflict sparked by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine remains unclear, there is no doubt that Kyiv has already emerged as the undisputed victor in the information (propaganda) war.

Yet alongside admiration for the prowess of Ukraine in projecting its message through modern media, Western sources express scepticism over some of the claims made by Kyiv in an intense information conflict.

The Ukrainian government issues a daily catalogue of Russia’s losses in the four-month long conflict, while remaining cagey about its own casualties and destroyed hardware.

Kyiv reveals no such statistics for its own forces, although President Volodymyr Zelensky revealed earlier this month that it was losing up to 100 soldiers per day as fighting rages in the eastern Donbas region.

The Ukrainians are controlling information about their own forces and society and have been very successful in doing that,” said Mark Cancian, senior adviser at the Washington-based Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS).

Cancian warned that Kyiv needed to keep an eye on its long-term credibility in a war that experts believe could last for years.

It is in the long-run interest of any country to put out accurate information to maintain its credibility”

A French military source, who asked not to be named, said the Ukrainians “had been very strong and still are” in the information war.

“They have won the narrative battle in Western countries.

“They flooded us with images taken as close as possible in the field. The Russians, strangely, were not present at all here although we expected their propaganda machine to be working.”

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Clearly the US is fighting Russia. And using Ukrainians as cannon fodder.
This has always been a proxy war. This was always going to be a proxy war. Russia was obviously aware of this fact..
It’s indisputable at this point in time

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