How the organized Left got Covid wrong, learned to love lockdowns and lost its mind: an autopsy

Kaz will say this is all group think. Kaz is correct. Those of us who try to be free of group think are stuck dealing with this crew. It’s a sad lot.


It is hard to destroy your own cause and feel righteous while doing so, yet the American left has done it. After more than two centuries at the vanguard of the struggle for freedom, the American left, broadly defined, executed a volte face and embraced anti-working-class policies marketed as purely technical public health measures.

100 percent! As a ‘working class’ person my family and myself suffered at the hands of those inflicting these policies on us.

Thanks for the unemployment and the speedier death of my mother! I’ll quite likely resent it to the end of my days.

For two years the left has championed policies of surveillance and exclusion in the form of: punitive vaccine mandates, invasive vaccine passports, socially destructive lockdowns, and radically unaccountable censorship by large media and technology corporations. For the entire pandemic, leftists and liberals – call them the Lockdown Left – cheered on unprecedented levels of repression aimed primarily at the working class – those who could not afford private schools and could not comfortably telecommute from second homes. 

Almost the entire left intelligentsia has remained psychically stuck in March 2020. Its members have applauded the new biosecurity repression and calumniated as liars, grifters, and fascists any and all who dissented. Typically, they did so without even engaging evidence and while shirking public debate. Among the most visible in this has been Noam Chomsky, the self-described anarcho-syndicalist who called for the unvaccinated to “remove themselves from society,” and suggested that they should be allowed to go hungry if they refuse to submit. [1]

In Jacobin, a magazine claiming to support the working class in all its struggles, Branko Marcetic demanded the unvaccinated be barred from public transportation: “one obvious course of action is for Biden to make vaccines a requirement for mass transport.” [2] Journalist Doug Henwood has scolded the unvaccinated with: “Get over your own bloated sense of self-importance.” [3] But Henwood has championed shutting down all of society in the name of safety, while refusing to engage counter-arguments – a combination that suggests a bloated sense of self-importance of his own.

I’ve no use for the Jacobin. WSW. Or Moon of Alabama. As all these sites and many others championed the technocratic state edicts, unapologetically, that caused far greater harm then good. This fact was known early on and still the “organized/statist left” were happy to put their collective boot on the necks of so many others.

Statist defined: an advocate of a political system in which the state has substantial centralized control over social and economic affairs.


The Provider Relief Fund’s FAQ page explains how the money is available “for individuals with possible or actual cases of COVID-19. HHS broadly views every patient as a possible case of COVID-19.” And 35 pages later the same document explains that: “A presumptive case of COVID-19 is a case where a patient’s medical record documentation supports a diagnosis of COVID-19, even if the patient does not have a positive in vitro diagnostic test result in his or her medical record.” [44] As then-Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar explained: “Our goal… is to get the money from the Provider Relief Fund out the door as quickly as possible… We will continue using every regulatory and payment flexibility we have to help providers continue doing their vital work.” [45]

On April 13, 2020, the CDC updated its website to say explicitly that “cases where the infection was not confirmed by a test may now be counted.” [46] The CDC page from April 14, 2020, explained that its death counts “include both confirmed and presumptive positive cases…” [47] As the Washington Post reported, “when New York City authorities began reporting the deaths of people who were suspected of having covid-19 but never tested…” the city’s “tally soared past 10,000 as the change added more than 3,700 fatalities.” [48]

The lockdown left has the blood of many depressed and in despair seniors- who died neglected and alone because of the belief people like yourselves held. That some artifice of safety trumped the well being of so many others.

As stated my anger is still palpable.

A study published in late 2020 estimated that over-zealous Covid restrictions would lead to 18,000 extra cancer deaths in the UK that year. [53] 

Meanwhile, non-Covid-19 out-of-hospital deaths have increased, while in-hospital mortality has declined…. In the case of cancer alone, our calculations show we can expect a quarter of a million additional preventable deaths annually if normal care does not resume. Outcomes will be similar for those who forgo treatment for heart attacks and strokes.” [59] Unfortunately, this argument seemed to have no impact on policymakers when it counted, nor on the organized left today, which still ignores copious evidence that lockdowns had wreaked massive destruction on the most vulnerable. [60]

Read the rest at the link provided.

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Thanks, Pen. The linked article raises some very good points and it’s almost a good analysis. IMO of course. It could have been much stronger if it had considered questions such as “What exactly is COVID?” and “Why has it never been isolated?” rather than simply running with what amounts to the fundamental lie. IMO of course. But then of course it might hot have been publishable (if that’s a word) anywhere with a readership greater than about 3 or 4.

Hey Winter!

Yup, there could have been stronger questions but as you said the article would not have been published had it actually gone down that road. Still on the point of damage done by lockdowns it was worth the read.

As you can tell the lock down pushers have left me disgusted

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