Climate Cult Contortions Aside- Arctic Sea Ice Levels are High and Not Melting

The linked article is so over the top with linguistic gymnastics it was nearly torturous to unfold. But unfold it I did! Included below are the facts of the matter without the convoluted and unnecessary wording

Lots of Arctic Sea Ice

June 09/22

Arctic sea ice extent in May 2022 was 12.88 million square kilometers (4.97 million square miles) tracking above levels not seen since 2013.

The Hudson Bay, the Beaufort Sea, the Canadian Archipelago, the Eats Siberian Sea, the Laptev Sea, the Chuchi Sea, and the Kara Sea are still almost completely frozen

This extent is the highest in the last 9 years

Sea ice extent in the Barents Sea is higher than usual in the last 5 years as it was for the entire month of May, as well as for the entire 2022 so far, especially between March and April.

Sea ice extent in the Beaufort Sea is also higher than usual in the last 5 years at about 1.07 millions square kilometers.

In the Laptev Sea things went much different than usual. After an abrupt sea ice decline started after the first half of May, sea ice extent started growing again from 790 to 880 thousand square kilometers.

In the Canadian Archipelago, the Sea Ice extent remained rather constant through the month of May without decreasing with the typical trend observed in the most recent years.

The present extent is around 850 thousand square kilometers, which is definitely higher than what has been observed in the very last years.


Answer it was cold! Just like it’s been cooler then norm where I reside (Southern Ontario)

“Sea ice in Spring declined slower than usual this year”

Temperatures in the core of the lobe from -65 to -75 °C were detected, which is extremely cold even for these levels and especially for early spring

Through May, sea ice extent was tracking above levels not seen since 2013. The relatively high general ice cover for this time of the year was mostly the result of lower than average temperatures in the Baffin Bay.

Love the disclaimer at the end.. Consider this presentation in contrast to the one that is always presented by the compliant, misleading media. You know the presentation that goes like this

  • The planet is in fire
  • The planet is on fire
  • Carbon = Bad
  • Humans = Bad

Bad Carbon based life forms aka Humans + Bad Carbon aka “fossil fuels” = Planet on Fire

Here’s the disclaimer

When trying to diagnose any weather season and the long-range forecasts, we have to bear in mind many of the global drivers that define it. Global weather is a very intricate system, with several large-scale and small-scale aspects.

Yes, global weather is very intricate. Something the carbon cult never acknowledges other then to excuse or explain away their multitudinous errors, predictions, better known as lies

2 replies on “Climate Cult Contortions Aside- Arctic Sea Ice Levels are High and Not Melting”

Hmmm … It’s melting, and it also froze – and melted. That’s hardly an indication of a coming ice age. Seems more like a desperate ploy to confuse people into imagining yet another disaster. Maybe not enough people worrying about the Monkey Pox plague?

Hey Yaya

Like I said, contortions.
But bottom line the area is frozen and temps are far colder then the norm. Very much like the temps round here- cooler than normal.
I particularly liked the disclaimer at the end- instead of the usual ..
ah we got it all figured out, it’s hot and humans are the cause of it- we get- “global weather is intricate””
WOW! Really?! I’d have never figured that out without some alleged authority stating it- (facetious)

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