US has been been supporting Ukraine with ‘offensive’ cyber operations, top general reveals

US Cyber Command's top general said the US has conducted "offensive" cyber operations to help Ukraine.
Gen. Paul Nakasone said operations have involved offense, defense, and information activities.
US officials tend to be careful with how they discuss America's offensive cyber capabilities.

The top US cyber official revealed on Wednesday that the US has conducted “offensive” cyber operations supporting Ukraine as it battles Russia.

US Army Gen. Paul Nakasone told British media outlet Sky News that “we’ve conducted a series of operations across the full spectrum; offensive, defensive, [and] information operations.” He did not specify the targets of these operations.

Nakasone heads US Cyber Command and serves as the director of the National Security Agency. Though short on details, his disclosure is rare and notable given that US officials tend to avoid publicly discussing America’s offensive cyber capabilities.

The US has actively and offensively (the action of attacking someone or something) targeted Russia.

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