Ontario, Canada- Covid Cases Drop/No Masks Worn

Exactly how was it that masks prevented the spread of the virus?

Mask mandates except for a few places were dropped late March 22

We know that the vaccine hasn’t prevented transmission. It doesn’t appear the masks prevented transmission, either. Obviously. Because if they did we wouldn’t be witnessing a steady drop in cases these past 8-9 weeks. When masks aren’t being widely worn!

Just observing THE REAL WORLD

Ontario is reporting its lowest positivity rate on PCR testing in more than two months, as well as a 13 per cent week-over-week decrease in COVID-19 hospitalizations

“The numbers are coming down very nicely, at least in the province. Hospitalizations are coming down, wastewater surveillance is indicating we’re at low levels (of virus activity) and things are continuing to decrease in most of the province. So, you know, it’s actually a nice little interval where it’s a bit safer,” infectious disease specialist Dr. Susy Hota told CP24 on Wednesday morning. “Mind you, there’s still COVID out there, we’re still seeing cases crop up.” (push the fear, push the fear)

Ontario reports 643 COVID-19 hospitalizations, lowest number since late March

Late march- When Ontario dropped mask mandates.

One last observation.. When the mask mandates were dropped all the chicken littles were screaming the sky was falling. Keeping up their fear mongering. Yah, so you were all full of $h*t as usual.

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