On what basis are pregnant women being encouraged to take the Pfizer vaccine? Snopesbusting!

Let’s get the snopes bullshit out of the way first. And yah, I’m calling as I see it.

Snopes (sorry for linking to such trash) An obviously intentionally misleading headline.

“No, New Pfizer Docs Don’t Show That Vaccines Are Unsafe During Pregnancy”

Tailor made for those that refuse to have an independent thought of their own

The Pfizer docs WOULD NEVER SHOW THE JABS AS UNSAFE! That is not their reason for being! The whole idea of safety studies etc is to show ah… safety!

The problem is the jabs data DOES NOT prove, show or demonstrate jab safety. Snopes is intentionally misleading it’s audience. To obfuscate the fact there is no compelling data that would prove the jab is safe. Without the data one cannot realistically assume they are safe. Unless your snopes or Pfizer? Or some other agenda pushing health care stooge? Or just a dummy?

Trial Site News

In my December 2021 report, I made reference to the missing information associated with the ‘Use in pregnancy and lactation which was somehow excluded from Pfizer’s original Cumulative Analysis of Post-Authorization Adverse Event Reports, submitted to the FDA. In the Pfizer amended version and in the subsequent reissue, 413 adverse cases were reported with 84 classified as serious.

Pregnancy outcomes for the 270 pregnancies were reported as spontaneous abortion (23), outcome pending (5), premature birth with neonatal death, spontaneous abortion with intrauterine death (2 each), spontaneous abortion with neonatal death, and normal outcome (1 each). No outcome was provided for 238 pregnancies.

The fact that out of the 270 pregnancies, 23 were reported as spontaneous abortion (miscarriage) is disturbing but equally so is the further revelation that for the remaining 238 pregnancies ‘no outcome was provided.’

The data in the post-authorization report referenced above, was collected after emergency use authorization (EUA) was given in December 2020 for the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine (BNT162b2).

Pregnant women were officially excluded from Pfizer’s clinical trial

The elephant in the room appears to be the fact that Pfizer’s pivotal Phase 1/2/3 trial (which the FDA based their EUA upon) did not include pregnant women. This subpopulation was listed under Pfizer’s clinical trial protocol’s exclusion criteria, clearly stated in both the Nov 2020 version (on page 42) and in the updated March 2021 version (on page 81). The latter document was released by the FDA a year later on March 2022, thanks to the plaintiff group, PHMPT (Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency) which filed a lawsuit against the FDA for failing to comply with their FOIA request for access to all the data the FDA relied upon to grant EUA for the Pfizer-BNTech COVID-19 vaccine.

Read the rest of the article at the Trial Site News link.

As for ahem.. Snopes. When the headline is intentionally misleading what should or could be expected of the ‘fact checking’? Seriously?

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