“Retired” Sexual Misconduct Accused Canadian General Captured At Azovstal

.….. trying to escape through the sewer.

Word has it he is a high value capture, a mercenary, who has been taken to Moscow for trial. Can you say WOW!?

What is the ‘good’ general doing with the Ukrainazis at Azovstal?

Let’s go back to April 21/22

Retired Canadian lieutenant-general under police investigation for alleged sexual misconduct is now in Ukraine

Trevor Cadieu left the Canadian military on April 5, according to the Department of National Defence. He travelled to Ukraine shortly after with the intention to volunteer (mercenary- soldier of fortune) for that country’s military which is battling a Russian invasion, multiple defence sources confirmed to this newspaper.

The Canadian Forces National Investigation Service which is investigating Cadieu originally had difficulty contacting the retired lieutenant-general but has since established communication with him.

Senior Canadian military leaders were briefed about Cadieu’s decision to travel to Ukraine, according to sources.

Cadieu did not respond to requests for comment from this newspaper.

But Cadieu’s alleged victim said she cannot believe that an individual under police investigation was allowed to leave the country. “I find it shocking,” the woman, who asked not to be identified for fear of retribution, said in an interview with this newspaper Thursday. “What is going on here?”

She alleged the Canadian Forces hid Cadieu’s retirement from the public. That retirement was only revealed by CBC on Wednesday. (April 20/22)

I am getting a real ‘cover up’ vibe from this report!

The woman said she is still trying to deal with the “institutional betrayal” she has faced from the Canadian Forces and DND. She pointed out that DND and the military originally distributed Cadieu’s statement to national news outlets in which he denied any wrongdoing. She took that as the military and DND leadership officially indicating their support for the lieutenant-general despite an ongoing investigation.

Foreign volunteers have flocked to Ukraine to help that country battle invading Russian forces. Ukraine has limited its acceptance of personnel to those with military experience.

The private mercenary is confirmed to be in Ukraine. Arrested at Azavstol. And rumour has it transported to Moscow for trial.

Before it’s News

Here in Canada there has so far been crickets from the MSM as rumors swirl around about disgraced General Trevor Cadieu being forced to retire from heading up Canada’s weak military over a 1994 sexual harassment beef and in early April he takes off to Mariupol and into the gallows of the Azovstal Steel Plant to assist in apparently running the Ukraine bio-weapons program. During the flushing out of that same mine earlier this past weekend Russian forces apparently caught the Canadian General trying to escape through a sewer tunnel. So far Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Canadian media are very quiet about his status as reports coming out from Russia are saying he is in Moscow being waterboarded by the KGB. How long can Trudeau stay silent about a Canadian General being taken as a Russian P.O.W? 

Posted on iEarlGrey community post today: 

In Azovstal, the Russian military arrested a Canadian general who led a biological laboratory 

Canadian General Trevor Cadieu, who headed the bio lab No. 1, where 18 people worked with deadly viruses, was arrested while trying to escape from the territory of Azovstal in Mariupol

This is a really important witness to the crimes of the United States and its allies against humanity, now it will be difficult for Washington and Ottawa not to recognize the fact of conducting research in the field of super-lethal biological weapons on the territory of Ukraine.

Well, well, well….. I’m going to follow up on this report!

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“Plausible Deniability” is, I believe, the term used to describe how Cadieu went from being an honourable soldier to being disgraced…yet somehow still managing to make it to the frontlines of Ukraine.

Hearing he’s in the biolab business thickens the plot even further. Is this why Trudeau and Freeland dare not travel to Ukraine like the parade of other Western leaders?

Russia is lucky,

Its allowed to battle on its own pace.
Gets the opportunity to find flaws in his army, tactics and staff.

Which allows to revitalize its army and push its defense industry into a new direction and push to improvement.

Meanwhile getting hold of foreign military personal for propaganda purposes and push the narrative that they are in the right convincing more of the doubters in their country to look favorable to their excursion.

Also the West(Europe) with their foolish idea of being benevolent. Are depleting their own military hardware and storage. Putting their energy and food security in risk by encouraging instability in their neighborhood for some illusion of grandeur. Also fail to win the hearts of the people they ought to serve. And perhaps but not yet conclusive damning their own population to an immune crisis.

Like I said at the very beginning on this combat. I did not choose sides, and still don’t. But I have glimpse of where things are going. EU might just have offed itself.

What is going on in the EU is, in my opinion, the doing.. or the undoing of the EU. Insane leadership. Same as here. Is dragging the people down. They aren’t serving the people

The West will rebuild it’s reserves.
And like the EU, Canada’s gov as well as that of the US are causing and continue to cause harm- via those jabs- via food shortages.
Many Canadians are still flying their Ukie flags like the dolts they are.
When they should be starting a garden.

From the get go their should have been diplomacy. Including from NATO. That hasn’t been the case

Gee, Penny… WHAT are the ‘odds’ that a ‘retired’ Canadian ‘General’ with a rap sheet that includes sexual deviancy, suddenly appears out of nowhere in Mariupol?

There can be no coinky-dinks here, as it is obvious that the freak show of TURDEAU and Freeland are at it again getting Canada involved up to its eyeballs ILLEGALLY in Ukraine… And especially in ‘biowarfare’ to boot..

I just hope this SOB squeals like a pig and tells the Russians who are ALL involved in this crime…. It would be a great win for the Russians and show the world how dastardly and despicable that fucker, TURDEAU truly is!

Hey North
I’ve been looking for a verification or something substantial, but, nothing.
However came across an youtube video

there was an interesting comment read below

Unavailable Username
8 hours ago
We’re suppose to believe that he retired April 5th, then made his way into Azovstal, which was under siege at the time? No, he was an active duty NATO general on the ground alongside Azov troops against the Russians. They only retired him when they realized they couldn’t extract him.

He was already in Ukraine (This is confirmed by the Ottawa Citizen report) and when Azovstal came under seige then he was suddenly retired? Becoming a private citizen which gave the gov and military justification/excuse to deny any information they may or may not have about his whereabouts?

“”DND spokesman Dan Le Bouthillier said Cadieu’s release from the military followed proper procedures. “As he is now a private citizen, it would be inappropriate for us to comment further on his personal plans..”

I’ll keep a watch

Just my thoughts here. I believe the General was ‘highly paid’ so-called (volunteer) of the US/CA/NATO. And with that are trying to wash their hands with his capture. I don’t believe the common practice to label him with ‘sexual misconduct’ applies to him. That is typical CIA operation . I believe they are trying to distance themselves and acting like they never knew of his Ukrainian job. Highly paid military such as Lt General, mercenaries (for hire), and the fact they are well known speaks of the rats who put him there. Putin ain’t buyin it.

Thank You for that comment Sparrow!

” I believe they are trying to distance themselves and acting like they never knew of his Ukrainian job.”

Entirely possible!

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