Joe Biden’s Russian Regime Change Gaffe?

Not a gaffe. Nor a faux paus. Russia’s Destruction 2.0 was being planned as soon as they recovered from the collapse of the USSR and subsequent western plundering.

Below are some excerpts from my big tech censored blog… BUT scroll down and I’ve included the link to the Heritage Foundation’s report!

Basayev’s attacks were mostly guerilla operations designed to target Russian civilians to pressure the Russian government to withdraw from the Northern Caucasus. This was the motivation behind the 2002 Dubrovka Theatre hostage crisis, which left 170 dead in Moscow, and the 2004 Beslan hostage crisis and massacre in North Ossetia, which left 331 people dead, including 186 children.[28]

To resist this onslaught of terrorism, the Russian military and security forces continued operations in the region. After Basayev’s death in 2006, Umarov increased the intensity and frequency of attacks on security forces, government facilities, and high-value civilian targets. These attacks include bombings of the Nevsky Express (Moscow–St. Petersburg) trains in 2007 and 2009, the Moscow Metro double suicide bombing in 2010, and the suicide bombing at Domodedovo Airport in January 2011.[29] Although Umarov is the mastermind behind most terrorist attacks in Russia, the broader Islamist terrorist movement maintains much of its strength through the many local radical Islamic jamaats. These groups have an independent capacity for terrorist activity. Therefore, eliminating Umarov will not solve the problem of Islamic terrorism. Nor would his death dramatically change the level of terrorist activity or the structure of terrorist organizations in the region.[30]

Biden’s stated aloud that which has been plotted and planned for a long time now.

That’s why we’ve got characters like Navalny and “Pussy Riot” to appeal to western vanities and “values”

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