Psy War: Ottawa Paid Social Media Influencers: $600,000 +

Last year. Most of it to push the covid vaccine:

The figures, presented in response to an inquiry from the Conservatives, show that of the federal entities who disclosed their related spending between Jan. 1, 2021 and Jan. 31, 2022, Health Canada was the top spending department when it came to contracting influencers.

The bulk of their bill, which amounted to more than $130,600, was for an “influencer campaign in support of the COVID-19 vaccination marketing and advertising campaign.”

As part of this public-relations effort, the department contracted digital marketing firm “Mr & Mrs Jones Inc.” to help them plan and develop the campaign, sign on and pay influencers, and monitor the content produced.

“The influencer campaign complemented the Government of Canada’s overall strategy to help everyone in Canada make an informed decision about COVID-19 vaccines,” said the department.

Help everyone to make an “informed decision” I’d laugh my ass off it it wasn’t so dam manipulative! And dangerous to those convinced to take a jab against their better judgment.

Social Media Influencers Are The Latest Tool Of ‘Psywar’

“Social media is the place to be if one wants to advance key political or national security objectives,” said Todd C. Helmus, senior behavioral scientist at the RAND Corporation.

These messages are deployed to influence YOU, to go along with something that is in all probability not in your interest.

“Influencer driven approaches to U.S. strategic communication campaigns are becoming more common,” Helmus explained. “The commonly applied term here is techcamp, which refers to training given to civil society members to help them more effectively communicate on social media.”

Influencers To Spread Influence And Information/Misinformation

The concept of influence as a political tool isn’t new, but its importance will increase as more people around the world turn to the Internet for information.

“We should definitely expect this type of use,” said Helmus. “The vast majority of people get their information from and connect to friends via the Internet and social media. So it is critical that U.S. and allied efforts to fight extremism and foreign disinformation communicate via these platforms.”

A key factor in this is about ‘trust’ and here is where the influence can be all the more powerful – akin to a force multiplier.

“Thus, influencer or brand ambassador strategies are critical to help empower authentic local voices on key topics. I will though say that for this to be done right, it has to be done in an authentic and credible way.”

To fool YOU and I.

In a psywar campaign this could mean taking the efforts to train local influencers in a transparent way.

Not to be cruel, just to be blunt, one would have to be an imbecile to not understand this weapons is being used against you, daily. In the US. In Canada. In the UK.

In fact Covid nudging was all the rage, particularly through social media. Not from China. Not made in Russia.

Why else would you take a jab that came with an increased risk of permanent hearing loss- I’ll get to that latest asap.

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