The Rest of the World Does Not Stand with the US on Ukraine

That’s a fact. The ‘west’ is with Ukraine. The rest of the world is not. If that is unchanged to date- it’s not likely to change. This is the reality.

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This month, South Africa’s ambassador to the United Nations, Mathu Joyini, took a moment from a debate in the U.N. General Assembly about the humanitarian fallout from the Russian invasion of Ukraine to scold the United States for its past military follies, including in Iraq.

The United States and its Western allies, she suggested, had committed their own violations of the U.N. Charter and were simply pursuing their own geopolitical advantage over Russia by championing U.N. resolutions denouncing Moscow as an aggressor. “Making this point today in our discussion on the humanitarian situation in Ukraine is not a form of ‘whataboutery,’ underscoring the point that many countries and their peoples suffer the consequences of wars that are not of their own doing,” she said.

The statement reflects the challenges the United States faces as it seeks to show Russia a unified diplomatic front in support of Ukraine. Besides the United States’ closest friends and military allies in the West and East Asia, most of the world is not interested in joining the U.S.-led campaign to isolate Russia.

Behind this show of unity is a world that is largely adjusting to a new multipolar era, where the United States is no longer the lone superpower. Responses to Russian aggression from Africa and South Asia have been relatively muted while concerns over the potential impact of Western sanctions on food and fuel prices have been growing.
Many still harbor deep resentment toward the United States, whose military interventions from Afghanistan to Iraq and Libya have left a path of death and destruction.

Many diplomats and foreign-policy observers view the conflict in Ukraine as a major historical inflection point but are unsure of how it will end, complicating their own calculations over how they will position themselves in the face of a worsening big-power clash or political settlement.

“It is obvious we are not going back to the same world that we were in before this war,” said Munir Akram, Pakistan’s U.N. ambassador, but he noted that the contours of a new world order will be defined by the final outcome of the war and the shape of a final peace deal between Russia and Ukraine.

U.S. warns India, others against sharp rise in Russian oil imports

A significant increase in Russian oil imports by India could expose New Delhi to a “great risk” as the United States prepares to step up enforcement of sanctions against Moscow for its invasion of Ukraine, a senior U.S. administration official said.

Is the US threatening India?

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While the current U.S. sanctions against Russia do not prevent other countries from buying Russian oil, the warning raises expectations that Washington will attempt to restrict other countries’ purchases to normal levels.

The U.S. official’s comment comes ahead of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov’s two-day visit to New Delhi and during the ongoing visit of U.S. deputy national security adviser for economics Daleep Singh.

Refiners in India, the world’s third biggest oil importer and consumer, have been snapping up Russian oil through spot tenders since the war broke out on Feb. 24, taking advantage of deep discounts as other buyers back away

U.S. President Joe Biden said this month India was “somewhat shaky” in acting against Russia.

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So we are choosing ‘sides’ as they orchestrate and implement the NWO?

No, thanks.

Putin/Russia and Zelensky/Ukraine are part of the Kabuki. Choosing a side is akin to choosing an American political party. Controlled populace.

I put weight behind your statement.

With the witch-hunt of Russian business men/oligarchs. It looks to me more as an operation to cut all possible links between west and Russia to push Russia onto China’s lap.

At some portal I came across a joke from ww1, but I have no idea how true it is :

After one hundred years devil let the Lenin and Wilson on a trip to Earth. Lenin reads a newspaper and laughs. Wilson asks
– “What happened?”
– “USA has moved to communism”
Wilson snatched the newspaper and reads angrily, but after a moment starts laughing too.
– “What happened?” – asks Lenin. Wilson gives him the newspaper and Lenin reads a headline: “Riots on Polish-Chinese border”.

Hey BMan and Kaz:

I don’t see all this in quite the same light.

‘So we are choosing ‘sides’ as they orchestrate and implement the NWO?”

I wouldn’t say so. Though others may feel different.
It’s like the virus vs no virus argument.

While I agree some parties are working to implement a New World Order, it seems to me the “new world order” is mostly a continuation and progression of the order that exists present time- led by the 5 /6 eyes.

I realize the ‘new silk road’ challenges that status quo.

Still going back to Mackinder’s Heartland theory
superficial overview linked below

And the US led world leadership not wanting the challenge (since it will leave the US/Canada/UK etc., in a subordinate position)

Kaz: I’m not sure that the moves by the US will necessarily push Russia closer to China than was already occurring. Or would have occurred as they made more trade agreements and built more trade routes etc.
They were already forging alliances. And the other nations along the way are looking to join in.

Russia – China relations have always been a bit… strange from what I see.

For me ; The closer nations seems to be with each other, the more cutthroat the relation is.

It looks more like a relation of convenience. Before the Covid situation I clearly remember China ramping up some territorial claims which are in Russian territory. It just happened to dampen down now because of other distractions.

And now with the actions taken related to Russians in Europe. They are getting purged, Money confiscated/frozen, Property confiscated, diplomats/spies ejected, diplomatic ties/favors severed. All links are getting taken down one by one. Soon it will be only Turkey left as a channel for Russia to talk with the west. If Turkey will still be able to stay up in the coming storm. And lets say turkey falls, russia won’t be able to use the bosphorus straight.(Agreements means squat for aggressive U.S.A foreign policy)

Than the next thought would be Russia – India relations. Well China has a beef to pick with India. And I wouldn’t be surprised if that would hamper Russia – India relations.

Next the value of Russia to China. Does China need Russia. With this war and the action the west have done to Russia, there probably isn’t any redeeming qualities left. Anything Russia can do, China can either do it or almost do it and the fervor the Chinese has in 5 years time, Russia won’t be able to match with that.

So I don’t really see a way out for Russia, from this.

And yes you might be right that China and Russia were moving closing to each other, but since the cutoff from the west that has changed. Russia is no longer on equal footing with China.

And before you mention nukes. North Korea has nukes, Pakistan has Nukes. Did that raise their value, not that I notice. So as long as he is not using it, its are nothing than useless toys driven around. So if Russia wants to use their Nuclear arsenal card, than they should deploy one to send a message. And than everybody would consider Russia on equal footing, if that doesn’t happen…. Welcome to the Satellite state of PRC.

But you know life is strange, everything can happen.

Hi Kaz
excuse my tardiness, please.
You make some very relevant points regarding Turkey and India in particular- so far they’ve remained unswayed by the US.
I gotta say is interesting to behold. Especially after whatever may or may not have happened in Bucha and Irpin.

I’ll be doing my best to follow and hope you’ll always participate here 🙂

Hi Penny,

No worries, just one of the more unusual back and forth.

And like you said, interesting to behold.

I want to add Turkey has been a really interesting nation to observe navigating this situation- For years now they’ve been standing on their own ground and acting in their own interests-

Also, hubby was just saying, America has overreached. And with overreach comes very great risk. He wonders if it’s desperation- at least that’s how he sees it.

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