Ships Start Moving Again Into Black Sea as Ukraine War Continues

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Russia appears to be letting some ships carrying grains exit the Azov Sea, the first signs of activity since shipping in the waterway linked to the Black Sea was suspended following the attack on Ukraine.

Around 30 vessels have been allowed to leave Russian ports and sail out of the waterway straddled by Russia and Ukraine, Interfax reported. Saban Buttanri, owner of Istanbul-based Agrolino Grains and Oilseeds, says he’s also aware of ships carrying sunflower oils, grains and feeds sailing out of the Azov Sea toward Turkey, including three of his vessels carrying sunflower oil.

“This is great news as this is the first time we can see vessels leaving Russia,” Buttanri said Wednesday in an interview. “We hope for a breakthrough and a deal.”

The Ukraine war has thrown the world’s wheat and vegetable oil supplies into chaos as vessel traffic came to a halt after Russia’s invasion began on Feb. 24. The two countries supply more than a quarter of world’s wheat exports, a fifth of corn sales and a similar share of barley shipments, plus about 80% of sunflower oil cargoes.

Suggestive that the seas are under enough control for safe shipping to take place?

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Hi Penny:

It appears to be a race between the warmongers, including our PM and Deputy PM vs the truthtellers, with their tsunami of revelations of massive corruption and fraud with regard to the Plandemic. This includes the latest revelations of over 20 bio-weapons labs in Ukraine.

The question now being raised by none other than China: “Is Ukraine the source of the Plandemic “virus”? Just moments ago I asked myself—if Canada was the source of the mRNA for the vaccines [manufactured by BC company Acuitas] and– if Ukraine was the place where the CovID virus emanated–then it makes perfect sense that Trudeau and Freeland are at this moment over in Europe banging the war drums against Russia. They absolutely NEED an overwhelming distraction to cover up the overwelming corruption which is coming out by the moment! My next post will be an interview with a Blackrock fund whistleblower about the PfiZer fraud which he calls “the worse crime in history”.


I’ve heard a bit from the Pfizer whistle blower- Glad your covering it
PS: my mother in law has had a major stroke and I’m trying to keep things running here. It’s not looking good
Cripes when it rains it pours!

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