Chernobyl- No I’m not taking Ukrainian spin at face value.

The Ukrainian war narrative has been pushing imminent nuclear disaster from the start of the Russian intervention in Ukraine.

Russia said the Ukrainian nationalists aka the Ukranazis were going to create a false flag to frame/blame Russia- Russia claims Ukraine planning false flag attack on nuclear facility

MARCH 7, 2022 08:38

In yet another claim of false flags and nuclear issues, Russia alleged that Ukrainian security services and the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion are planning a radioactive incident to blame on Russia

April 5 2020 (2 years ago)

Notice the misleading imagery accompanying the Jerusalem Post report?

BTW the Ukranazis did attack an outside power source for Chernobyl and claimed Russia was to blame. Not a first. In fact it seems to me this is the third time nuclear fear card has been played.


The Russian Ministry of Defense on Wednesday accused “Ukrainian nationalist forces” of committing an “extremely dangerous provocation” by attacking a substation and power lines which provide the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant with electricity.

The latest regarding Chernobyl from NYT’s. Hardly an unbiased source for information.

Damaged Chernobyl Nuclear Plant, Occupied by Russia, Loses Outside Power

The International Atomic Energy Agency said Wednesday that there was no need for immediate alarm over the condition of the decommissioned plant, where workers have safeguarded nuclear waste since the Chernobyl disaster of 1986. But officials said the situation around the site remained a source of grave concern.

Russian troops have occupied the facility since the early days of the invasion last month. The I.A.E.A., a United Nations agency, said the loss of power violated a “key safety pillar” but said it saw “no critical impact on safety” at this time because the amount of water in cooling ponds and around radioactive waste was sufficient to keep the nuclear material under control, even without continuous power to the plant. Part of the reason is that the used fuel assemblies are old and not as dangerous as they once were.

The American Nuclear Society, a professional group, agreed. “The loss of power is a serious matter but it does not pose a threat to the public,” it said in a statement.

Russia’s Energy Ministry said Wednesday that Belarus, whose border is near the Chernobyl facility, was working on restoring power from its own grid.

Early in the day on Wednesday, Ukraine’s nuclear regulator said backup generators had fuel to operate for 48 hours, and painted a dire picture of what could happen if the plant remained off the power grid for longer than that. The less dire statements from the I.A.E.A. followed, and some other experts generally played down the risks.

48 hours should give Belarus time to get the power restored. Ukraine pushing a negative narrative despite other groups including the I.A.E.A and the American Nuclear society stating no threat is posed.

A former longtime employee at the plant with knowledge of conditions, speaking on the condition of anonymity out of fear for his safety, said that in addition to the diesel generators, safety and monitoring systems are powered by batteries and other backup means.

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Good luck to these liars in trying to use Chernobyl at all for a false flag..

Chernobyl has not produced one iota of any energy since 1999 and its two other reactors have been disabled and put out of commission by 2009… Thus we are seeing a full blown LIE coming out from the LYING WHORE media that Chernobyl is in ‘trouble’…

Just another lie from those bastards to add to their long list of lies, Penny.

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