Lyin’ Trudeau Regime: GoFundMe head testifies Freedom Convoy fundraising, most donors were Canadian

Bouncy castles of terror?! According to the Trudeau regime.


I have omitted CTV’s false claims and mind controling language- preferring to stick to the facts.

The president of GoFundMe told members of Parliament on Thursday that according to the crowdfunding platform’s records, the vast majority of the donors to the Freedom Convoy were Canadian.

Speaking before the House of Commons public safety and national security committee, Juan Benitez said 88 per cent of donated funds to the movement originated in Canada and 86 per cent of donors were from Canada.

A Made In Canada Protest Movement- Trudeau regime cannot be trusted

Given the Freedom Convoy raised more than $10 million on the site before the campaign was suspended for violating the company’s terms of service, approximately $1.2 million came from outside Canada.

Benitez said GoFundMe did not identify any donors affiliated with terrorist groups or organized crime activities.

Contrary to Trudeau regime lies

“We do extensive analysis on the activities that are happening on our platform. In fact, it’s our goal to be the most trusted platform in social fundraising,” he said.

“If we were aware that something like that was occurring, those folks are not welcome to participate on our platform, those activities would have been prohibited and we would have filtered that out.”

Convoy organizers turned to Christian website GiveSendGo to host their second fundraising campaign. They’ve so far raised more than US$9.5 million on the platform.

GiveSendGo also appeared virtually before the committee Thursday afternoon.

The American co-founders fielded questions about why they continued to allow the convoy organizers to raise funds on their site given the illegal actions by protesters

Co-founder Heather Wilson argued that the federal government should have contacted GiveSendGo directly to flag concerns about the source of funding.

If you were concerned about GiveSendGo and what we were allowing, I do not know why [no one] reached out to us, to ask us to take a look at this. We were all on hearsay by what we were hearing from media on both sides,” she said.

Wilson said that if Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had spoken directly with the truckers protesting, “a lot of this would have been avoided.”

The Trudeau regime didn’t want to speak to it’s people. It merely wished to dictate.

My readers were already aware of this reality. Let’s spread this news far and wide. Trudeau regime lied.

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