Ontario Needs to ‘reassess the value’ of COVID-19 vaccine passport system, top doctor says

Reassess the value of?! Here, let me help with that task 🙂

The vaccine passport is useless. Completely. It was a total and complete failure. That was it’s inevitable destiny! Why, you ask? Because the vaccine was leaky. It was created leaky. It was non sterilizing. It didn’t stop transmission. It did NOT prevent the jabbed from contracting the virus. It did not stop the jabbed from getting sick or dying from the virus. In fact there is very good evidence coming out that the vaccine is making people sicker.
The sole use of the vaccine passport, the reason for it’s inception/creation was solely and only as a divisive, manipulative tool of coercion. For the jabbed and the jabbed nots.

Devised only to divide the population while rewarding, however temporarily, the compliant. That compliance from many came only under extreme coercion. Then there were the true believers. They still exist at this point in time I’m unsure of why that is?

Toronto CTV

Ontario needs to “reassess the value” of the COVID-19 vaccine passport system in the coming weeks to decide if it should be ended, the province’s top doctor says.

Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Kieran Moore made the comment on Thursday, saying while the COVID-19 vaccine offers significant protection against severe disease, two doses doesn’t do much to limit the spread of transmission.

“The vaccine isn’t providing significant benefit at two doses against the risk of transmission, as compared to someone unvaccinated,” Moore said. “We have to reassess the value of the passports in the coming weeks and months.”

“When we see a vaccine that doesn’t provide the sterile immunity like it did provide against Delta, (that’s a lie- the vaxx never, ever provided sterilizing immunity ) we have to reassess some of the public health measures we put in place, reassess whether we maintain a proof-of-vaccination certificate certification process given the decreased benefit against transmission.”

Fellow Ontarian’s do remember that Doug Ford (liar) said we weren’t going to have a vaxx passport here..

Ford was originally against a vaccine certificate system all together, saying in July he “has never believed” in it.

“We aren’t doing it, simple as that, as we’re just going to move forward,” Ford said. “The answer is no, we aren’t going to have a split society.”

On Sept. 1, he announced the program and blamed the federal government for not creating a Canada-wide vaccine passport system.

And split society he did!

We’re going to trip down memory lane.. May 22/2021- Before Dougie brought the vaxx passport down on Ontario. Flashback to my previous site. Hoping everyone understands just how heavy the hand of censorship has been?

Here’s the solution to the useless vaxx passports (mandates too)

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