Heavily Jabbed Israel Going From Bad to Worse

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If there was one country that seemed to have its pandemic-response act together, it was Israel.

Things aren’t always as they seem..

Israel was the vaccine rollout leader during the COVID-19 onslaught and one of the first countries to introduce a vaccine passport system.

Mass Vaxx Rollout- to no avail

Vaxx Passport- to no avail

Israel now finds itself back on the pandemic front lines.

With a population of 9.4 million, Israel has one of the highest per-capita infection rates in the world. The Coronavirus National Information and Knowledge Center said that in January alone more COVID-19 cases were identified than in all of 2021, when fewer than a million positive tests were recorded.

Just last month more cases of Covid were identified then in all of 2021. In a highly jabbed population. ADE. ADE. ADE

The hospitals are filling up, and deaths are climbing, though the numbers of new cases and hospitalizations have fallen in recent days. “We are in the middle of a huge, dramatic wave,” Nadav Davidovitch, director of the school of public health at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, said in an interview. “We are in a very different situation over last year.”

ADE. ADE. Antibody Dependent Enhancement. This subject has been discussed on many occasions. Here. As well as at my google censored blog. In fact we had a flashback to Dec 08/2020, on that very subject yesterday.

The Ministry of Health reported 114 “seriously ill and hospitalized” patients on Jan. 4. The number had climbed to 1,133 by Feb. 1. In the past week, there were 279 deaths, up 14 per cent from the previous week.

Just this week PM Justin Trudeau became the latest poster boy for jab fail.

Negative Vaccine Efficacy = ADE

The Jabs are the problem.

8 replies on “Heavily Jabbed Israel Going From Bad to Worse”

I still don’t believe for a second that these jews are getting the real, tainted, chemical shots. But if they are, can anyone still pretend that they are as smart as they claim they are?

Seriously. How can intelligent people be willing to take what are obviously murder weapons?

Hey Bman:
looks to me as if the massively increased case count in Israel shows they are definitely being injected with the experimental concoction.

Personally, I don’t ascribe any unique characteristic of higher intelligence to this group of people.
I think intelligence is more complex then that- More factors involved in how intelligent a person is vs how unintelligent.
Environment plays a big part (In my opinion)

They may be getting the tainted jab. But we also know that they have a penchant for mass lying (cue the 6 Million).

We’ll just have to keep an eye on things- interesting that Israel looks to have dumped the green pass. Wondering why that’s not happening here in Turdeau land

The only things I can add to this is.

1. Time will tell
2. They are not an unified force. (animosity between sects probably exists)
3. from my observation. I would attribute cunning more than intelligence.

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