Live Stream Freedom Convoy Arrival GTA

Update: Global News has a live stream as well- Running NOW!

CTV is actually covering it live GTA = Greater Toronto Area

This section of the convoy would have included trucks that originated in Niagara Region or Hamilton area, by and large.

Observations- Trudeau is clearly out of touch with reality.

Trudeau- this is not a ‘fringe’ group.

There are tens of thousands of people out in support of the convoy- They are along the highway. They are on multiple overpasses.

There are women. Children. Men. Young. Old.

And the F*ck Trudeau flags are everywhere.

There is palpable discontent in Canada

2:20 PM update:

It’s a brutally cold day today- with a serious windchill to boot. With snow. And yet the people are out. Lining both sides of the highway and on the overpasses. I’m watching both live feeds- CTV and Global.

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I read somewhere, someone was calling him Dustbin.
Hubby and I laughed and laughed. Dustbin is in hiding. This convoy was bigger then I’d anticipated and had way, way, way more support.
It’s not fringe.
Dustbin has to face it.
I’m worried about a false flag potential- hoping everyone is on their toes in Ottawa

Hi Ian

Clearly he can’t take the heat- how convenient is it that he goes into isolation though he tested negative and he’s triple jabbed- convenient excuse

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