Covid Hospitalizations in Ontario : Reality vs Spin

Let’s talk about Ontario, Canada. The exaggeration of hospitalization numbers vs the reality.

Demographic highlights

Ontario’s population: 14,789, 778-

That is 14 million, seven hundred and eighty nine thousand, seven hundred and seventy eight persons in Ontario. As of April 30th/21

“The province indicated that there are currently 3,220 people in hospital with COVID-19 “

In the entire province there are 3,220 people in hospital with covid. Just over 3,000 people in a population that is pushing towards 15 million

Let’s narrow that down to the people who are actually in hospital because of Covid. Not hospitalized with covid. Hospitalized because of covid.

According to Christine Elliot..

“ around 54 per cent of them were admitted because of the virus, while about 46 per cent were admitted for other reasons but tested positive for COVID-19.”

Of the 3220 people who are in hospital only 54 percent are there because of Covid.

3220 x .54 = 1739 persons in the entire province of nearly 15 million hospitalized because of Covid.

I’ve no doubt that vast majority of these persons are double vaxxed for the simple reason most Ontarians are double vaxxed.

Just the facts.

Pandemic? Would those numbers, 1739 in a population just shy of 15 million, indicate pandemic without the heavy handed manipulative media presentation?

My answer is No. No they would not!

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