Mark Dolan: The elite don’t want Covid to end

That’s an understatement! One only need look at the over the top hysteria regarding the IC Moron virus.


What’s odd about this pandemic is that so many of the elite don’t seem to want this to end.

Opposition politicians and front bench Tories salivating at the idea of more restrictions, the media, who have been signed up to the cosy coast consensus since day one and – based upon their questions at those enraging press conferences – always want measures to be longer, harder tougher.

And sage scientists, especially their paramilitary wing, independent SAGE, who would likely lock us down forever. These people have got a taste for control and they don’t want to give it up. I’m honestly thinking that there is a master plan to keep this going forever.

You have Professor Sara Gilbert, creator of the Oxford vaccine who has warned the next virus could be worse than the current one. So we are now worrying about a virus that doesn’t even exist yet. What other things that don’t exist, should we be worried about? The Loch Ness Monster? The simultaneous orgasm? Tottenham winning the Premier League?

I really enjoyed the GB news breakfast show this morning, presented by the brilliant Isobel Webster and our brand-new super signing Stephen Dixon. Except I nearly spat my cornflakes out when they interviewed this prize numpty.

A professor of yes, you guessed it behavioural science, who thinks that children wearing masks is good training for the future.

State sponsored damage to children, now cemented by scientific opinion. So the narrative is clear. This isn’t a conspiracy, it’s policy. Masks forever, lockdowns every winter, work from home orders as standard. Socially distanced forever. Medical passes for access to basic services and freedoms. And the state injecting your body, whenever they see fit. There is a whiff of evil about behavioural science.

For two years we have been nudged, prodded, cajoled, bullied, gaslit, silenced and shamed by these white-coated covid evangelists. Susan Michie, sage advisor and member of the Communist Part, a woman so left-wing she makes Jeremy Corbyn look like Norman Tebbit, influencing our pandemic response.

The country isn’t being run by Boris or Rishi or Liz or Dominic, it’s being run by these cranks, who in my view are seeking to change the nature of society forever. Kids wearing masks is good training. These people want us to live under state control, in a sanitised, sterile environment where there can be no germs or viruses, no risk, no danger and therefore no pleasure, spontaneity, jeopardy or joy.

Danger, peril, risk are the very essence of life itself. Covid is now an industry, and the media, politicians, scientists and of course pharmaceutical companies are active participants in it. Well it’s time to say well it’s time to smash their business model.

Predictions about the virus have so often been wrong throughout the pandemic – but this junk modelling has shaped policy and wrecked and cost lives. And yet the likes of Professor Neil Ferguson, who couldn’t predict that night follows day, is back, like a particularly stubborn case of chlamydia. Him and his buddies are now predicting up to 10,000 hospitalisations a day from omicron.

Now let’s hope that doesn’t happen – of course anything is possible. Except this doomsday scenario appears to be stretching it, given that there are no reported cases of a death anywhere in the world from Omicron.

The infection fatality rate from Omicron is currently smaller than xxxx. So why this perpetual pessimism? Because the pandemic is now an industry. There have been protests once again all over the world against Covid passports, including in the capital London

The public have had enough.

There is a new variant of concern that sage and the government should really worry about. Common sense. Peoples’ voices, democracy. When it’s finally accepted that the vaccine is great for severe illness and hospitalisations but not a huge amount else, all of this madness will collapse like a House of Cards.

We will except, wretched as it is, that this virus isn’t going to go anywhere. It will infect who it wants to infect. Virus gonna virus. And it looks like Omicron will get in more people than Mick Jagger in his heyday.

Government interventions around the world have been far more damaging than a virus ever could. But the virus will teach us the ultimate lesson. Life goes on. And amen to that

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I found the post a very well articulated outline of WHY the elites may wish to prolong, apparently indefinitely, the COVID Scamdemic. For focus, one might best define the “temporal span” of the scamdemic from (a) initial “problem”, an imaginary or over-hyped “virus”, natural or man-made to (b) measures ostensibly implemented as “solutions”, in fact, carefully planned and executed actions involving many and diverse components. These components evolved from very detailed, deeply studied, and seriously gamed SCENARIOS, each and all well funded, planet-wide, eventually comprising in its discrete totality, the largest psychological operation ever, ALBEIT just one front in the War Against Humanity.

Think air, water, food, mobility, communication — is there a single part “elites” (The Power$ That Be, my preferred label) have left untouched to date, parts we have to have for life itself! Each is subject to catastrophe or deliberate sabotage or denial to populations in want and need.

COVID’s but a part, an important and devastating part, of the larger War. I think the elite would like you to think that COVID and mRNA jabs — the divisions among people multiplied by 2 (VAXXED vs. NOT VAXXED) — are the be-all and end-all of your present problems! NOT SO!! Don’t buy into that. Battles as big or bigger loom. Stay well, stay awake, prepare for the worst and hope for the best!

hey brian;
yup, early on I covered the reports of omicron being mild, like a cold and in my latest post it’s being reported in South Africa that the tide turned, quickly, in the epicentre of the viral spread

Hi Penny,

and now for something different. New scandal brewing in France that starts to grow; to grow. Not enough yet to be mentioned abroad but if it continue it will shadow the old White House rumours of Barry & Michael. The current story is that Brigitte Macron is not a woman but her own brother Jean-Michel who nobody has seen for 25 years. Her children are in fact his children. I cannot give links yet but the source is serious, extremely serious. It’s the paper Faits&Documents which is hated by the mainstream but has never been sued as their research is usually unasailable (I think his former editor Emmanuel Ratier, was wacked because of that).
For the moment, this rumour is denied by the mainstream, but interestingly not ridiculed as I would have expected. There is some kind of nervousness around that story that I haven’t seen before.
So, you heard it first here.
Greeting from the three fronteer region.

Hey gallier2!
I thought Brigitte had to have been his handler/groomer- It just seemed the most probable explanation for their ‘relationship’
and no I’ve not seen a women sit like that- I’ve never sat like that!
When you get some links leave them here. for anyone who might be interested. I’d have a look for sure.

thanks for the update gallier2
let’s see if Ms/Mr Macron actually sues?
That could open a whole can of worms that he/she may want to remain closed?

Here a page with a lot of pictures. It’s all in French but the pics are telling.
Especially the pictures of Jean-Jacques Trogneux are telling. He is officially the son of Jean-Michel Trogneux, the famous brother that no one has seen since the 80s, who is the allegedly Brigitte. The resemblance to Macron is eery. This opens the idea that Macron (anagram of Monarc) could be even the real son of Brigitte/Jean-Michel. We are here inn full MK-Ultra territory here.

I will continue, if you don’t mind, to add links to this thread so that we have a place to consult and preserve the links.

Funny. Apparently the domain has been kicked out of the DNS of my provider (Bouygues one of the 4 big providers in France). Using a VPN I can access the sire. Even if I set the VPN to an address in France can I access the page which exclude a geographic exclusion, but kicking a domain from the big providers DNS is a simple an effective way of censorship.

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