JP: The Omicron Variant Is Here..

What you need to know!

Always gives me a smile 🙂

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Dam I spit my coffee across the room. when I read that. My poor dog is covered in coffee now. And the look I got from him. That is perfect report.
World Freedom Directory – User Guide Have a good day.
Stop World Control Directory
Another good resource for us bloggers.
Rumble Channel
I had to check these people out a guy asshole from SK called them Extremests. It was an NDP . I actually had to lower myself and go to the CTV site for that. I cringed as I clicked on the link.
So of course I had to go check them out.
They sound pretty normal to me.
Unified Grassroots

The NDP are really ugly as of late. Andrea Horvath has been spouting the same type of rhetoric here in Ontario.
She certainly panders to the lowest common denominator

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