Vermont Most Vaxxed State in US: Covid on the Rise? Not enough people with Natural Immunity

Daily Mail

This is a blatant admission that the vaccines are useless. As was known and expected. Plus there is the question of ADE’s

Pertinent fact

Vermont is the most vaccinated state in the nation with 80.9% of the population with one dose and 71.8% fully vaccinated

Yet Covid cases have risen 55% over the last two weeks to an average of about 300 per day

“Additionally, some experts say there are not enough residents with natural immunity to also prevent COVID-19 cases.

We are ‘a victim of our success because we kept the virus at such low levels throughout the entire pandemic,’ Dr Mark Levine, Vermont’s health commissioner, said on Tuesday.

CDC data show that Vermont has one of the lowest rates of residents who developed natural immunity to Covid at less than two percent.”

You are not a ‘victim of success’. Vermont is a failure. By impeding the process of natural immunity generation. The vaxx was always going to be a failure because it never impeded transmission.
One wonders how it is anyone with a modicum of intelligence can and will continue to accept this bizarre form of mind control.

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