US Eyes January Roll- out of “First” Project to Counter China’s Belt and Road- Build Back Better

I’ve felt the birth pangs scenario was most likely the groundwork being laid for these pending projects.. (wrote more about this at my prior site)
And Build Back Better, unsurprisingly, beside bringing in the technocratic tyranny looks to be a means to wage warfare by other means. Not a shocker because in many ways the Covid Con looked to be a way to target China, possibly, one China perceived as a bio weapons attack ? It’s can’t be ruled out.

A scenario originally published at my google blog originally.

Thank goodness I can access my old work!

Thankful for small favours , I guess?

Then re- presented here just a couple of weeks ago.

“As has been expressed previously, implanting the idea of Covid-19 as originating in a lab in China, as something released due to extreme negligence or maliciousness has it’s basis in the planned by the US, confrontation of China. The blame and frame narrative necessitates that these already desired goals will have to spring into action. These plans will now be justified and prioritized. The goal posts have now been moved”

Q – Am I of the opinion Gain of Function research played a role in the emergence of the Covid-2019 virus?

A – Yes, it seems entirely possible.

Q – Do I think China was responsible for this?

A – No, I do not. I’m looking at the US (leadership and business class) as the instigating forces. For many reasons, of course. Crony capitalism. Reshaping society. Reshaping the globe Enabling the targeting of China. A long desired plan/goal now has a justification.

Who benefits? Whose gain?

One last thought… I’m now letting the idea roll around in my head that China’s heavy handed response might have had something to do with the possibility they considered this a biological attack. Speculative, yes. But entirely plausible.

WASHINGTON, Nov 8 (Reuters) – The United States plans to invest in five to 10 large infrastructure projects around the world in January as part of a broader Group of Seven program to counter China’s Belt and Road Initiative, a senior U.S. official said on Monday.

A U.S. delegation led by President Joe Biden’s deputy national security adviser, Daleep Singh, identified at least 10 promising projects in Senegal and Ghana during a series of “listening tours” last week, the official said.

Officials are meeting government and private-sector leaders as they hunt for projects to be funded under the Build Back Better World (B3W) initiative launched by the G7 rich democracies in June.

The G7 B3W initiative is aimed at partially meeting the $40 trillion in infrastructure investment that developing countries will need by 2035 and providing an alternative to problematic lending practices by China, officials have said.

The United States will offer developing countries “the full range” of U.S. financial tools, including equity stakes, loan guarantees, political insurance, grants and technical expertise to focus on climate, health, digital technology and gender equality, the official told reporters.

Oh how the corporate class loves those initiatives, much like the “left” in the so called rich nations. The left (petite bourgeoisie) help the corporate classes (elite classes) greenwash, present as caring and diverse, while controlling the masses, (digital dictatorship) as they reap massive profits- funded for by indebted citizens. Win, win, win for them. Lose for everyone else. Including the gullible rubes in the petite bourgeoisie class or petty bourgeoisie? Whichever?

The effort is seeking to “identify flagship projects that could launch by the start of next year,” the official said.

Biden sought to advance the initiative during a meeting on the sidelines of the COP26 UN climate conference with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and other G7 partners, she added.

The administration official said senior officials in Senegal and Ghana welcomed U.S. assurances that unlike China, the world’s largest creditor, the United States would not require non-disclosure agreements or collateral agreements that could result in later seizure of ports or airports. (No one with half a brain could believe that rubbish)

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